Elden Ring Report Touch Bloodstain From A Player Is Unresponsive And Often Not Functioning

Elden Ring is the latest game of De Software Souls. You must survive in a huge world where every enemy can be a great danger.

Elden Ring is rich in narrative pieces. Some of these elements work on the internet, like bloodstains.

You can see the last of those players before they die. This is a warning given the large number of bloodstains in the area and the depth of the danger.

However, there is a hint that the touch bloodstain prompt isn’t working for Elden Ring players on PC and PS5 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8).

Elden Ring Touch bloodstain won’t work any more.

Elden Ring in a blood stain that you can find while you key on the button. If you find a Bloodstain in Touch, you can enter a Bloodstain prompt.

Now, bloodstains don’t work to protect them, because when nothing happens they press the button to interact with them.

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Do you have any bloodstains that don’t work?

Touching blood is not good, but no spirit is coming. If you were using a group password from a YouTuber, that bloodstains show a spirit. Can I try to fix this in a way? Source

Touch Bloodstain

The PC on an impossible task. This is the default boring to your controller when downloading steam via your PC. K done bitching, enjoy the game. Source


When you touch sane blood, the game never shows a word. What will I miss?

So yes my internet is good. Like other players I can see ghosts circling. Source

@BandaiNamcoUK Touch bloodstain isn’t working? Please correct the bug. That’s what happened today. Source

The problem may happen on PC and PS5, possible workarounds might exist.

According to multiple reports, the PS5 and PC could be the most affected by the issue. In Xbox consoles, the e-testing task of Elden Ring Touch is the right thing to do.

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Worked on series x. My buddy has sent me a PS5 code so that we can co-op. One of these things is that I have invested. They’re not working. Frame rate hats the jiffy of the PS5. No more hate. I own both consoles. When people get crazy they get crazy. One man doesn’t. Source

Having said that, bloodstains have a passworded group in good effects. In these conditions, the prompt response is still impossible: one must have a good time to respond to the message.


It’s no official acknowledgment of that glitch yet. A new story appears on this subject.

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