Elden Ring Servers Down For Maintenance on April 4

The Elden Ring servers will be down for maintenance for a short time on April 4. Here’s what you need to know.

Elden Ring has been a huge hit with all kinds of gamers. Not only do players love journeying through the Lands Between by themselves, but it is also a joy to play with friends.

Whether you are summoning friends to defeat difficult bosses or even invading the worlds of other players to kill them many players love the online component of Elden Ring.

However, the online part of the game won’t be accessible for a short time on April 4. This is thanks to scheduled server maintenance.

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hasn’t revealed why it is taking the Elden Ring servers down for maintenance. However, we have a couple of ideas about why the developer is doing it.

An AFK rune farming trick is ruining Elden Ring’s PvP invasions. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a surprise if this maintenance fixed this exploit!

Alternatively, some players in the community think that it could be to nerf some of the top 10 best weapons in Elden Ring. The only thing we know for now is when the maintenance is taking place.

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Elden Ring Servers to Go Down on April 4 for PlayStation, Xbox & PC.

has announced that the Elden Ring Multiplayer servers are scheduled to receive maintenance on April 4. This will be for all platforms.

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This is when the servers will go down for your timezone:

1:00 AM PDT10:00 CEST17:00 JST

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addition, informs players that the Elden Ring servers will be down for around an hour. Although it could go on for a bit longer too.

Therefore, if everything goes smoothly, the servers should be back up for players to hop into Multiplayer pretty quickly.

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