Elden Ring: Should You Give Seluvis’ Potion to Nepheli? Answered


The Elden Ring is finally here, and it’s full of side quests that can be tough to track or get for the full context, especially if you miss some dialogue or fail-to-make key info. This short quest can have serious choices based on your choices, so here we are to help. Here’s the answer Whether or not you should give Seluvis’ potion to Nepheli in Elden Ring.

Should You Give Seluvis’ Potion to Nepheli?

The short answer is that no, you probably shouldn’t give her the potion, but we’ll explain why.

After getting through the map of the Northwest Side near Cariah Manor, you’ll come across Ranni and her group of NPCs: Iji, Blaidd, and Seluvis. Seluvis is clearly the most openly sketchy character in the group right off the bat, as he asks you to give him a random potion to Nepheli Loux and have her drink it.

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Seluvis doesn’t say what the potion does, but there is a hidden underground room just outside of Ranni’s Tower that is full of unresponsive people or “dolls” – presumably, people who drank Seluvis’ potion in the past. There’s a game message inside the room telling the player not to touch the dolls since they belong to Seluvis.

Try to sneak around in the area, then hit the stone bricks on the ground at this exact spot (where the green marker / cursor is in the middle of the screenshot) to reveal the hidden room and see for yourself:

elden ring seluvis hidden room

Thankfully, you can still get a reward from Seluvis even if you don’t have a secret room in the other dolls of the fate of the subject. Anyone getting hurt without following these steps:

  1. Speak to Nepheli Loux in Finding the Roundtable Hold Her Stormveil Castle just before the Godrick boss fight.

    She can also be found in The Village of the Albinaurics if She’s Left Roundtable Hold Already. When She Returns to Roundtable, She’ll Be Down to Stairs, Past Hewg.

    The Albinaurics elden ring of the village
  2. Speak to her father, Gideon Ofnir, in the Library of Roundtable Hold.

    He’ll suggest getting rid of the potions and fooling Seluvis into thinking you gave it to Nepheli.

    gideon elden ring nepheli potion
  3. Choose to give the potion to Gideon for him to get rid of it, then return to Seluvis.

    This is also the step where you can choose to keep the potion and give it to Nepheli.

  4. Seluvis will offer you a free summon spirit and become a Sorceries merchant when you tell him that you gave him the potion.
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Alternatively, as mentioned above, you can also give the potion to Nepheli if that’s what you really want. In that case, Nepheli will become unresponsive in other dolls like Seluvis’ Hidden Room, and She’ll Leave the Roundtable Hold Soon.

That’s all you need to know about whether or not to give Seluvis’ potion to Nepheli Loux The Elden Ring. Be sure to check out our guide to Wiki for more tips, tricks, and other quest guides as you journey through the Lands.

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