Elden Rings Online Systems Currently Broken on Xbox due Mismatch

FromSoftwares Elden Ring has already joined Steam on launching more than 764,000 peak concurrent players. The review here for more details. There have been some issues like performance issues across all platforms. The PC version is very bad with micro-stutters and fixed frame rate issues but the fixes are still in care.

Xbox players have a completely different issue that has been publicly acknowledged. Due to the lack of play on Xbox Live, some users can connect to Facebook, so they can find it using co-op or PvP. As Jez Corden reports, the problem is solved in Calibrations Ver. and App Ver. 1,02 without these these updates can not play.

Reddit has been around since its launch. The importance of online features such as cost in it. Bandai Namco and FromSoftware will likely respond quickly. Keep a date with me when it comes to details.

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