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Elex 2: How to Fast Travel

While you do have a Jetpack in Eclipse 2 from the very start, at first, it’s only really good to get up to the cliffs. When it comes to the far-off settlement you’ve only been to, travel fast. Don’t worry, this guide is all about it How To Fast Travel In Elex 2.

How to Fast Travel in Elex 2

The nicest thing about fast travel in Elex 2 is that it can be done almost anywhere. You can’t fight right now, but you’re good to go any other time.

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Unlocking fast travel is also incredibly simple. In the game, you will see these weird white pads that absolutely don’t look like they belong in the game’s more fantasy setting areas.

Elex 2 Travel Unlock Pad in Fast Travel

Simply stepping onto these pads will unlock their map in use. Every major settlement will have one, even if it might take a little hunting around. The Game has over 35 teleporters to find and activate, and you get a moment’s notice at the top of the map of travel.

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While that unlocks being able to fast travel in the Flex 2, the actual method of opening your map and finding the right icons. Here’s a map example:

All those rounded-off pyramids with dot in the middle are fast travel points, just like what the icon looks like. As you can see, the map is densely packed with fast travel points, making it much easier to clear quests later in the game.

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There you have it, everyone, that’s all you need to know how to fast travel in Elex 2. While fast travel is useful, you’ll no doubt be using the jetpack far more often, so here’s how to upgrade said jetpack.

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