Elex 2: Is There Post-Game Free Roam? Answered


Elex 2 is the type of game where there is plenty to do. The only problem is, occasionally, with open-world games that once you beat the story, you either have to load a pre-ending save or start a new game. So, we’re here to answer, Is there a post-game free roam in Elex 2?

Is There Post-Game Free Roam In Elex 2?

It is a pleasure to announce that yes, there is a post-game free roam in Elex 2. The game is still just as wide open for players to explore once credits roll. There is even one epilogue quest for players as they check in with all their companions and allies to prepare for what comes next either in the future DLC or an Elex 3.

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Your companions are gone from the main story path to the urgency to follow the urgency of the constant feeling of freedom, as well as the freedom of feeling better. At this point, your jetpack is, by all means, perfect. So, now is the best time to explore the map of the parts you haven’t before, and the achievements and trophies on cracking. Elex 2 has all the hunters out there for an easy trophy / achievement list.

After exploring one of the main things to do is beat up the Elex 2 story to unlock all the possible fast travel stations. The jetpack is still good, especially by now, but being able to instantly zip around the huge map and take advantage of the bare loading time is unbeatable.

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There you have it, that’s all you need to know about it in post-game free roam Elex 2. Speaking of unlocking fast travel points, we have a handy guide for that. As well as a guide on how to upgrade your jetpack so it’s ready for the post-game.

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