Elex 2: Where to Find Fuel & What It Does


The great thing about The Jetpack in Elex 2 is that you can go just about anywhere. However, in the early game, your jetpack’s fuel reserve is a little limiting. Lucky for you, the jetpack can be upgraded – it just needs a little something extra. With this guide will help where to find fuel and what it does in Elex 2.

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Where to Find Fuel and What It Does In Elex 2

To answer the second question first, Fuel in Flex 2 is a single essential item to enhance your jetpack’s fuel reserve so you can fly longer. It takes one single canister of fuel to upgrade the Jetpack one time up to a total of 50 upgrades.

Fuel can be found everywhere. Cash shops can also sell it, but expect to shell out 500 Eclipse per canister in fuel. ‘Jetpack’ is always the last category.

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Fuel Canister in a shop Fuel in Elex 2

Shops are the only place you can locate fuel, either. Almost anywhere you find it in the world, it will most likely be placed, not in a stashed. The nice part is that fuel canisters are very distinctive and are pretty decently sized. Once you know what you’re looking for, you’ll easily spot it. Plus, in the darker areas, it even glows to a helping guide. There are more than 50 canisters of fuel in the Flex 2, but some might need a little thievery.

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Flex Canister on the Ground Fuel in Elex 2

That’s it Everything in there is about fuel Elex 2. Now that you have all this fuel, we have another guide that will tell you what to do, as well as other ways you can upgrade your jetpack.

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