Envy Gaming finally makes its deal with Razer as Official Peripherals Partner

The leading gaming company is preparing for The Unveiling of a multi-year, wide-ranging partnership with Envy Gaming. With the partnership, Razer will be the official peripherals partner of Envy Gaming. Including headsets, keyboards, mice, mouse mats and gaming chairs, the organization’s talent and creators, and professional esports teams.

This partnership includes multiple teams and real estate under the banner Envy and OpTic Gaming, including Call of Duty, OpTic Halo, OpTic Valorant, Envy Rocket League, The Dallas Fuel in Overwatch League, as well as a diverse organization roster of content creators.

Future activations will expand across physical and digital assets and include potential further Razer content integrations including creator-led streams such as OpTic Warzone tournaments, exclusive product drops, RazerStore locations and more at creator appearances.

Razer branding has been integrated across the organization, with logos on the OpTic and Envy team jersey sleeves, among other things, for OpTic Texas, OpTic Halo, OpTic Valorant and Envy Rocket League. Razer is currently hosting a multitude of live esports events in North Texas beginning at the time of the OpTic Texas hosts the first Call of Duty League major LAN tournament on March 6 and 3 at Esports Stadium Arlington.

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Razer is looking for pro players and creators of the WikiO and OpTic based game, with their next generation of game and esports peripherals.

Instead of teamwork on Razers, hard work has always been about championships into the passports of emerging and passionate communities, said Flo Gutierrez, CEO of Global Esports at Razer. We’re going to give it a hand, and to the community, to continue to push the envelope and carry of esports to the next era. Together with Envy and OpTic Expanded to the Top of the Tens of New Fans and Razer Back to the forefront of North American esports.

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Razer will also play multiple live esports events in Texas on March 3, 2022 at the Esports Stadium Arlington. Thousands of fans will attend the four-day event, with more than 5% of initial ticket sales coming from Call of Duty’s faithful traveling. Apart from the incredible in-person fan experiences that are being curated, Virtual Call of Duty players will receive an exclusive partnership: Razer is the one who shares the video-op-for-the-game skin at the OpenTime Competition at OTC.

This is what we believe propel sports and entertainment to mainstream culture and entertainment, said Adam Rymer, the company’s director. A global leader of the Razers caliber across all Envy and OpTic teams and creators is a great payoff to the culture and the audience that is building today and in the future.

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Razers engineers have the cutting-edge esports peripherals in order to meet every need, even in the most extreme situations. As part of this partnership, Razer will be giving up on its research-based development field.

Our players can’t wait to use Razer’s latest products, so they’ll get the most out of competing at the edge, said Shay Butler, vice president of sales and marketing at Envy. This partnership is a great way to start our competitive season in 2022 and beyond.

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