Envy / OpTic Games in partnership with Esports for an opening of Razer

Razer says that they are working on a new esports partnership this week, with a team of Envy Gaming and OpTic Gaming. This is a multi-year partnership, but it is a multi-year partnership that offers both financing and league sponsorship across both groups and specific esports leagues. Razer’s brand will be their jerseys, they will play with company products, more often than not, they will be sitting on a brand new bench. This is where Razer will benefit from both live broadcasts and in-person events where they’ll be able to get into both team’s booths. From product to product, submission to content, product-based streams of sponsorship, unlimited product drops, product / or image promotion by RazerStore locations, etc. Below we have all the parties from today’s announcement as long as we wait to see what the new branding is all about.

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Credit: Rally.

“Team Razer’s driving ambitions have always been to champion passionate communities within esports, and turn those passions into championships,” said Flo Gutierrez, Global Esports Director. “We have the capacity to help ourselves and the community to push the envelope, and to bring the sport back to its next era. Together with Envy and OpTic we’ve expanded to a number of new fans and brought Razer back into the forefront of North American esports where we belong.

“By bringing together innovators and industry leaders, we will be proposing what we believe will be the mainstream culture and entertainment,” said Adam Rymer, CEO of Envy. “Adding is the global leader of Razer’s caliber among all Envy and OpTic teams and creators.

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“Our players can’t wait for the latest Razer products to stay competitive at the highest levels,” said Shay Butler, vice president of sales and marketing at Envy. “This partnership is a great way to expand our competitive season in 2022.”

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