Eufy Video Doorbell Lets You Keep Tabs On Your Parcels

Eufy video doorbell: Having a video doorbell can prove useful when you’re away from home and want to know who’s outside. Unfortunately, they do not always keep an eye on your packages, which may result in a porch pirate stealing them if they are left on the porch.  

According to the video doorbell’s name and as you can see above, Eufy is hoping to resolve that problem by debuting the Eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual at CES 2022.


Eufy video doorbell

As one of the cameras is pointing at the body of the person at the front door, users will be able to see who is approaching their door, while the other camera is pointing downward so users can keep an eye on their package. Upon delivery to your door. It may, however, be a disadvantage if the delivery person places it elsewhere, such as on the side, so you cannot see it.

Eufy states that both cameras will be 2K resolution, and with the camera facing down, a 120-degree field of view is offered, so you are likely to be able to see your package. In addition, it uses artificial intelligence to locate packages and family members and friends. A battery powers the camera, which makes setting it up easy, and Eufy claims the battery will last for up to six months.  

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