Events for Arceus and Darkrai Are Coming to Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl


Pokemon collectors will be pleased to know that events to obtain Arceus and Darkrai are coming to Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl later today. There are a few specific requirements in order to receive these two mythical Pokemon, though.

The Pokemon Company shared that starting tonight, players who meet certain qualifications will have the opportunity to receive Arceus. Specifically, players must have a Pokemon Legends: Arceus save file on their Switch systems with all main missions completed as well as have entered the Hall of Fame and obtained the National Pokedex in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl.

Players who meet these requirements will be able to visit their player’s room to receive an item called the Azure Flute, which allows the player to summon Arceus for a battle at the top of Mount Coronet.

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The company also shared the qualifications for obtaining Darkrai. Players can use the Mystery Gift feature to obtain the Member Card item, available between the new moons. Like for Arceus, players will also have to have entered the Hall of Fame and obtain the National Pokedex to receive this item.

Then, players will be able to take the Member Card to Newmoon Island to encounter Darkrai.

This is the first time that Arceus and Darkrai will be available to obtain in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, so if you’re interested in obtaining either of these two mythicals, make sure you meet the requirements and be sure your game is updated to version 1.3.0.

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The events to encounter both of these mythicals will be added to the game later today on March 15, 2022, starting at 9:00 pm EDT.

You can read more about these two event Pokemon on the company’s official website right here.

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