Every FIFA 23 Leak We Know So Far

Every and every year, EA Sports releases a brand-new entry in its soccer series, FIFA. The world of football is increasingly evolving, with players transferring to new clubs, managers adopting new tactics, and much more. While the FIFA series has remained the same for the past few years, it has had a number of major changes such as online co-op in Ultimate Team and a reworked career mode a few years back. As such, with FIFA 23 due to be released later this year, there are already a number of rumored ‘leaks’ at the hint with some major new features and long-requested changes from fans. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into them.

All FIFA 23 Leaks So Far

As we get closer to the release date, there will be more leaks and rumors of new additions and changes coming to FIFA 23, and we’ll continue to update this post with your convenience.

FIFA 23 Crossplay

fifa 23 crossplay leaks

For the longest time, fans have been begging for EA Sports to add crossplay to its online modes like Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs, and Just General Kick-Off Exhibition Matches. Even in FIFA 22, when so many other multiplayer games offer it, EA’s soccer game still has players playing to the limits of their console or platform.

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Fifa 23 with all the change to be rumored, however, if Tom Henderson over at Xfire is to be believed. According to Henderson“One of the biggest changes to this year’s FIFA title, though, is that it’s the first time in the series’ history for a cross-play, with FIFA players across the PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms all playing together. modes. “

While the crossplay would be great, it’s not worth the cross-gen play between the Xbox One and Series X |

FIFA 23 Going Free-to-Play

Popular FUT Trader and FIFA 22 newser Twitter on ‘DonkTrading’ Posted in July last year that FIFA 23 would be going ‘free-to-play.’

While there could be a true, Xfire’s Henderson claims FIFA 23 is going free-to-play with no indication that his sources are familiar with the project.

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It also makes EA to do so much financial sense. The publisher makes a huge amount of money from FIFA each year, with the ultimate team game mode within FIFA Points for software sales and microtransactions in both terms. Why the publisher would look to a huge revenue stream of its own accord, is a little difficult to argue.

Maybe this is something that will come in the future, the soccer series of the ‘FIFA’ name over EA and FIFA sever ties.

FIFA 23 Will Have Two World Cup Modes

Two world cup modes of fifa 23 leaks

As originally Reported by VGCit’s understood that EA is planning to release FIFA 23 with two FIFA World Cup tournaments – the man’s and women’s events – which will be the first-ever series in the series.

Given that women’s football has become more and more prominent within the FIFA series over the past couple years, this seems pretty unlikely.

An Online Career Mode?

There are rumors that EA is looking for some sort of online career mode, following the original wording in an ‘Online Software Engineer’ role advertised within EA.

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As spotted by Dexerto FCthe original wording note of an “online career mode,” though since then, this wording has been removed.

The listing is also no longer open, so whether or not the details have been removed is a result of this. Or maybe EA noted they accidentally let the cat out of the bag and decided to cover it up. We’ll just have to wait and see.

FIFA 23 Rumored Release Date

FIFA games are always relegated to the end of September or the beginning of October. Taking a look at how September pans out in 2022, we’re predicting that a Sept. FIFA 23 is the most likely for the 24, 2022 release date.

This post and let you know if we should be up to the contrary, we’ll be sure.

Be sure to check back soon for the latest FIFA 23 leaks.

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