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Every League of Legends Error & How To Fix Them

The League of Legends has been around for many years and has dominated the esports scene. However, over time, it has built up a rogue’s gallery of bugs and error codes that come out of nowhere to haunt your gaming session. In this guide, we’ll go over Every League of Legends error code, and how to fix all of them Hopefully you get back into the Rift ASAP.

How to Fix Every League of Legends Error

Error Code 0U

What Error Code 0U Means – Error Code 0U will often cause the client to display assets incorrectly and crash the game.

How To Fix Error Code 0U – You have a few options. Start by running the Hextech Repair Tool. If this doesn’t fix your issue, then try adding the League of Legends as a firewall exception and also repatch the game. If that also fails, reinstall League of Legends through the Hextech Repair Tool.

League of Legends Error Code 004 & Error Code 002

What League of Legends Error Code 004 & Error Code 002 Means – The client failed to patch the game.

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How to Fix League of Legends Error Code 004 & The Error Code 002: Whatever happened to either of you: A: lost your internet connection, B: shut off your computer, or C: there is not enough space on your hard drive to download. Just make sure all those issues are addressed, and you should be able to fix it.

Error 7

What Error 7 Means: Riot’s servers are overloaded, disconnecting players.

How to Fix Error 7: Nothing really you can do. Riot’s tech team can sort out the issue until you just have to wait. Try again later.

League of Legends Error Code 1B

What League of Legends Error Code 1B means: This error usually pops up when you have issues with your ISP that keep you from being able to log into the game.

How to Fix League of Legends Error Code 1B: First try running League of Legends in admin mode. If that does not work you need to repair / reinstall the client.

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Under Maintenance Error

What Under Maintenance Error Means: Strange error that makes it so you can’t download updates from Riot. Usually affects Linux users.

How to Fix Under Maintenance Error: Fixing this error will require the League of Legends client to be repaired.

Login Session with Unexpected Error

What Unexpected Error Login Login Session Means: You have multiple instances of Legends open, and one of them is stuck.

How to Fix Unexpected Error Login Session: Open up task manager, close down all your instances with the League of Legends and start over with a new session.

Error 0xc0000005

What Error 0xc0000005 Means: The client to Access is blocked.

How To Fix Error 0xc0000005: Administrator mode in Run League of Legends; If that doesn’t work, do a full reinstall.

A Critical Error Has Occurred

What A Critical Error Has Occurred Means: Something else than the League of Legends is causing the game to break and crash.

How to Fix Critical Error Has Occurred: League of Legends again playing before all other apps.

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Unexpected Login Error

What Unexpected Login Error Means: Your connection is weak and you’re unable to connect or download important updates / patches.

How to fix Unexpected Login Error: Try resetting your router or increasing your connection.

Unknown Direct X Error

What Unknown Direct X Error Means: Something is up with Direct X, and it won’t let you into the League of Legends.

How To Fix Unknown Direct X Error: Update your game drivers. If that doesn’t work, try deleting the game.cfg file.

d3dx9_43.dll is Missing From Your Computer

What “the program can’t start because d3dx9_43.dll is missing from your computer” means: Usually a Windows problem that will prevent you from playing.

How to Fix “The program cannot start because d3dx9_43.dll is missing from your computer“: Make sure all your Windows updates are downloaded. If it still doesn’t work, try a full reinstall.

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