FACEIT launches the sport advertising platform

Integrated Gaming is a global esports company. FACEIT has launched a new marketing platform called FACEIT Ads for brands that want to connect to competitive gaming audiences.

FACEIT says that the goal of the new division is to keep companies at the top of the brand’s platform. The company will also serve as a consultant for brands to understand. FACEIT Ads will be headed by Advertising Veteran Moritz Natalini, formerly of Bidstack, Sky and Expedia.

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According to FACEIT, the goal is to market the company’s strengths and draw attention to a compelling demand in a competitive matchmaking platform. According to The FACEIT platform, there are more than 23 million users worldwide, all of whom are part of a population that needs conventional advertising.

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Michele Attisani, co-founder and co-founder of FACEIT, commented: With only 24 million users on our platform, we have a highly motivated, engaged, highly-reliant group of people. This is why they are so excited to unveil this new product and engage in all the shapes and sizes of manufacturers who are very important but often overlooked.

With a brand of helpless bespoke campaigns, FACEIT will be able to grow our business and the competitive gaming industry. Moritz Natalini is the perfect man to lead FACEIT Ads.

The consultancy division is virtually independent. The company claims that it is now able to provide fixed-cost solution solutions to all business needs, as well as consulting services.

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A sports organisation Ninjas in Pyjamas recently launched a similar venture with Aser Ventures, which is called Shinobi Esports. Among other things, the company aims to help sports brands get a degree in esports and learn sports skills.

Esports Insider says it’s interesting to see that esports brands turn their attention to education and provide services to non-endemic brands, to continue their growth. This is a smart choice for FACEIT. The company can combine its popularity with esports fans’ experience – and offer a turnkey solution to esports fans.

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