Features of Gacha Life

Features of gacha life

Features of Gacha Life: Gacha life is also known as Gachaverse 2 and Gacha Life. It is a free role-playing game for kids whose age is between 6 to 14. It is a single-player online game that is created by Lunime. The first version of Gacha life is released on October 30, 2018, that is only for iOS devices. Later in November, the PC version is released.

There are many features provide by Lunime. Most of these features are related to customizing the anime character. Scene making is also available for storytelling. After the character is set up, the player can do lot more things with that character. Below lists some of the features:

The Features of Gacha Life


Similar to you can customize characters and the studio, it is available on gacha life. However, compared to other games, this one features more props and background.

Once the character customization is finished, the user can visit the studio to play with the character. The studio can be designed to produce scenes. To create the scene, many backdrops and props are available. The player can choose from the available backgrounds and numerous props to build the scene. Additionally, a player can include multiple characters in one scene. But, only 8 characters can be included in one scene. For each person, dialogues, custom chat bubbles are created by the user to create interesting scenes. A variety of emotes is possible to add.


The player can use gems to obtain Gacha. Gems are used to gain stamina and to get random items to the character. Minimum 5 gems are needed to obtain Gacha. Players can accumulate their items in their Collection. To view the Collection of the character, select the menu ‘Collection. The user’s gifts that aren’t unlocked or have not been achieved cannot be found or clicked. If the player has utilized the gift previously, it will be available and is not darkened. Sometimes you will receive duplicate gifts also.


The most significant or important aspect that is the main or most important feature of Gacha Life is Life. It’s not included in numerous old Lunime Games. The player can travel to any location and converse with characters who aren’t players. To interact with any non-player, the character must have sufficient stamina. In the absence of stamina, players will not interact with characters that aren’t players. To boost their stamina instantly, players must purchase gacha. This is the only method to restore stamina. The player can see the status of friendship.


There are eight mini-games to play in the game. Through these games, players will earn gems. Each game comes with a certain number of players. Once the game has ended, the player will receive some reward. These rewards will be displayed on their profile for the player. If the player has the highest score in one of these mini-games, then the scoring will remain. Similar to other games, there’s also a lobby for ranking available. If a player scores a good score, it will be displayed in the lobby for ranking. Based on your score, you will be able to be unlocked.


As with other Lunime games, chat is also a major aspect of this game. A player can view the character of another player. Profile and level are also displayed when a player taps the character. If you cannot view the chat function, it may be removed because of inappropriate content or the language.


Because of the personalization of scenes and characters, Many YouTubers create videos with anime characters and songs playing in the background. They show their viewers. They tell a story, and they create scenes. You can find thousands of viewers on Gacha Life videos. You can also search YouTube by entering gacha life into Google’s search box.


The majority of games have their communities where players can regularly post questions and new features. The gacha life community is also accessible. Some people use the gacha life community to post inappropriate content. Due to this type of behavior, some accuse the game of being unfair. However, the game itself is great, but be cautious regarding the community due to the game’s age. This is why inappropriate content is removed by developers on the android version, but not in iOS.

I believe that this is the primary aspect of Gacha Life. In this article, the features of gacha living are discussed. We will then go over each aspect of gacha life, one by one.

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