FFXIV Automatic Housing Demolition Paused Again

Square Enix announced that it will not resume automatic housing demolition FFXIVGeneral Chat Chat Lounge It took the Lodestone to announce the latest suspension. This time, it’s not due to in-game issues and congestions. Rather, the company cited “the current world situation” as a reason for the current suspension.

Here’s the official announcement from The Lodestone.

We had originally planned to recommence the currently suspended auto-demolition counter on Wednesday, March 9, 2022. However, considering the current world situation, we have decided to keep the counter suspended.

As for when auto-demolition will resume, we will monitor the situation in the coming days, and inform you all when we come to a decision that auto-demolition can commence again.

Back on December 6, 2021, Square Enix suspended automatic housing demolition FFXIVGeneral Chat Chat Lounge This was a result of the increasing number of people playing the game Endwalker‘s launch. The goal would be to alleviate congestion and strain on the servers.

In February 2022, it announced things would return to normal. It offered a March 9, 2022 date for the demolition process to resume. To keep homes from being torn down to make room for new ones, one would need to log in every 30 days and keep it active. There are also always timers and email notifications as warnings. Once demolished, one would lose their home and then wait for additional housing to open up to get a new space.

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Final Fantasy XIV is available for the PS4, PS5, and PC. FFXIV Automatic housing demolition is once again paused.

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