FFXIV Piano Arrangement Orchestrion Rolls Available in Cash Shop

Square Enix has added two orchestrion rolls to the Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) Online Store. The songs in question, “Ink Long Dry” and “Heroes,” are from the Final Fantasy XIV Piano Collections album. Each FFXIV orchestrion roll from the album will cost $ 5.00. Upon purchasing the orchestrion rolls, players can redeem them and use them in their personal apartments, free company room, home, or any inn room.

Previously, Square Enix released other songs from the Final Fantasy XIV Piano Collections album as orchestrion rolls. This is included in the following:

  • “I Am the Sea”
  • “On Westerly Winds”
  • “Serenity”
  • “To the Sun”
  • “Night in the Brume”
  • “A New Hope”
  • “Painted Foothills”
  • “Ominous Prognisticks”
  • “Wailers and Waterwheels”
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All of the orchestrion rolls listed, including “Ink Long Dry” and “Heroes,” are available to purchase through the FFXIV Online Store.

Square Enix has been slowly adding Final Fantasy XIV Soundtracks and arrangement albums to online streaming services like Spotify. This has included From Astral to Umbral, Dualityand JourneysGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Each individual album focuses on various expansions such as music Heavensward and StormbloodGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Additionally, the Shadowbringers Original soundtrack is available for listening through Spotify.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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