Finally PUBG INDIA Available on Playstore??? How to download

PUBG Corporation has announced that it is preparing to launch PUBG Mobile India, a new game specially made for the Indian market. This will be a copy of the global and Korean game of PUBG Mobile, which was banned earlier this year in India by the government. After the announcement, the company has revealed its plans on how it will provide a secure and healthy gameplay environment for players, and how it will invest in the country to a local video game, esports, entertainment, and IT industries.


Just a few hours ago PUBG Mobile India announced new PUBG INDIA games with some photos you can show on the top side. The company is yet to announce the release date of PUBG Mobile India. However, we expect the game to be is come after the Diwali holidays. Also, Read PUBG MOBILE BETA 1.2 APK DOWNLOAD

According to GodNixon, PUBG Mobile India has received the green signal from the government of India


PUBG was recruiting some employees for developing these games for India and find the best IT person on Link-din. After few days 100+ employees are joining the PUBG corporation and working with PUBG India. After join with Microsoft PUBG was launch in INDIA. But the government not share any news regarding unban this Battle Royal game for India. What thinks about this please share your think in the comment.

Krafton Inc plans to invest around $100 million in INDIA, It will also be hosting India-exclusive esports events featuring big prize pools, big tournaments, and big productions.

The new update will be available only inside the Erangel map and it will start with the party started at the electronic music festival. The new version comes up with new music features and new skills. Players can play with the new music. So maybe that is what the makers mean when they say it is going to be a music festival.

There are three special skills. The player can choose one of them. Also player can upgrade their skills by collecting scattered cassettes and dominate the battlefield with the help of skill. just choose the Erangel map and enjoy the gameplay.

PUBG Mobile India will have the privacy and security of Indian player’s data as its top priority, according to the company. It will conduct regular audits and verified on the storage systems holding Indian user’s personally identifiable information to reinforce security.




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