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After completing the Dentist level, the game takes you to a hospital where you will discover three characters, including a robot. Several objects are available, and finding those mentioned in the list is pretty difficult. Hone your detective skills and embark on a journey to find clues and use them to complete the puzzle. Indeed, the game would be tough to play if it lacked a list of items. Read our Find Out Level 34 Walkthrough Guide to get all answers and solutions.

Find Out Walkthrough Level 34 – Hospital

Explore the room deeply to find clues and objects you need to end up the level. Start your journey from the trolley between the patient bed and the counter.

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  • Tap the trolley and play a mini-game where your objective is to get a bottle with the number 5 printed on it.

  • Select the bottle and drag it to the patient to refill the heart on the screen. Tap the heart and add it to your inventory.
  • Head to the counter, slide the lunchbox to find the letter, and tap on it.
  • Now, head to the storage section below the fan to discover a fan and offer it to the patient. Soon, the patient will call and order something that appears on the screen after a few seconds.
  • Click on the label printed on the box and add it to your inventory. Once again, give the phone to the patient, and this time, the flower will appear on the scene.
  • Tap the flower-bookey to select one flower and add it to your list.
  • Open the counter drawer to discover a paperboard and click on it.
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  • Tap the computer, turn it on and increase the air volume. The password you need to unlock the computer is (2943), and you would be amazed to know that it is the same password as we found in the Zombie Hospital Level.
  • Increase the air volume to put the nurse in shock and pick up his hat from the floor.
  • Now, your objective is to open the cupboard on the left side to pick up a coin and give it to the robot. Shake your device to find the second coin that the doctor drops. Pick up the coin and give it to the robot to get a box from inside it.
  • Rotate the oxygen cylinder to find the sign.
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