Find Out Level 35 Bathroom Murder Walkthrough



Find Out Level 35 takes place in the bathroom where you will discover a dead body. It seems the victim has died with electric shock, but the reality could be changed behind the scene. Therefore, you are here to investigate the case as a detective and bring the truth out. Finding a solution won’t be easy, though all items are mentioned at the bottom of your screen. To complete the level, read our Find Out Level 35 Walkthrough Guide.

Find Out Level 35 Walkthrough – Bathroom Murder

You are in a toilet where a murder case will put your puzzle-solving skills to the test. Start finding objects the game has hidden to unlock the mystery.

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  • Firstly, open the box on the left side and click there to run a Connect Pipe mini-game.
  • As you complete the puzzle, the game gives you a charge that may help you turn on the Laptop upon connecting.

  • Now, head to the cupboard above the basin, slide the mirror to get an image, and head to the right side to discover a machine wherein you have to add the passcode (4234) to unlock the door and get a figure.

  • Click the light fixed on the cupboard and add it to your list.
  • Unplug the wire of the hairdryer, get the body aside, and tap the machine in the bathtub to collect it.
  • Now, drag the basin on the right side to discover another object with a water flow. Don’t forget to click and get the item in your list.
  • To get the gun, you need to open the comfortable tank. Tap the phone on the floor, enter the passcode (235), and get the okay hand sign.
  • Bring the basin back to its place and hit the tap to turn the hot water to draw an emoji on the mirror with vapors.
  • Tap on the emoji to complete the Find Out Level 35.
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That’s the end of Find Out Level 35.

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