Find Out Level 36 Detective 2 Walkthrough


Find Out is one of the most exciting Puzzle-solving video games wherein you have been tasked with finding hidden objects and utilizing them to solve tricky puzzles. There are over 35 challenging levels available; however, many other stages are also categorized in multiple modes. You should hone your hidden object skills and use them to discover items that may help you progress through the game. Each level takes you to a new room and may bring a different objective to you to complete. Although we already have completed the Detective level, it comes with a new challenge. To find the solution, read the Find Out Level 36 Walkthrough Guide.

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Find Out Level 36 Walkthrough Guide – Detective 2

In this level, you may find a detective sitting on the chair, while there’s a list of 10 hidden objects at the bottom of your screen that you must discover at any cost to unlock the last level.

  • First off, open the drawer to discover a photo and click to add it to your inventory.
  • Discover the sticky image on the left side of the window above the painting and set them on the mirror. After that, you will find yourself in the mirror world with a note that clearing the interaction between the mirror and the outside is possible.
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  • Tap the lamp connected on the right wall to get a bulb and keep tapping the ice until you get a flower.
  • Now, tap the mirror to go back to the real world and interact with the doll above the table. Bring the doll to the fireplace and keep it over there; now, select the matchbox near the books and set fire in the fireplace.

  • Return to the mirror world, remove aches to discover a statue’s head, and tap it to your inventory.
  • Go back to the real world, drag the pot of hot water from the table, and pour it on the detective. As the detective stands up to remove the wet clothes, his glasses will drop off that you can easily collect as he leaves the spot.
  • Before leaving the sofa, don’t forget to obtain the cushion from there.
  • Now, bring the magnifying glass out under the sofa and give it to the detective for a statue to collect.
  • After that, tap and hold the tea bag from the fireplace and put it into the cup to get the last item, but don’t forget to shake your device.
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That’s the end of Find Out Level 36.

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