Flameseeker Chronicles: Two Ends of Spoiler-Free First Impressions Dragons: The 2nd Guild War of the Dead!

Have you ever seen Cantha confirm this? I, along with many other players, never thought of seeing the sequel in Cantha. And yet, Dragons of the End is here, so we can finally visit Cantha for ourselves.

Play Guild Wars 2ArenaNet recently published the opportunity to play The Expansion Early, so of course I jumped on this. I am playing the whole story from beginning to end and the map on everything I saw. I mean, that was an exciting ride, and there were twists and turns, moments that made you laugh out loud, and a few others that made you angry. It’s easy to get caught up in something new, but I think it’s safe to say this is my favorite expansion so far. I don’t want to disturb any single moment of epicity, but I want to share my impressions about the expansion.

First of all, when I say I’m finished the expansion, don’t assume it’s super short, this is a legacy of the Sith situation. For whatever reason comes to it, the number of chapters in the End of the Dragons is the number of chapters in the heart of the Thorns and the number of the chapters in the fire. I had four days and a half to play. A test account was given to me as my account was already set. I didn’t stop picking up hero points, masters and the like. I skipped a number of optional conversions that I would never have interrupted, and didn’t worry about making an impossible account. When I play a word, I plan to take it much more leisurely. I didn’t have to binge everything, but it was difficult to put it down.

This expansion of busy work in the absence of a refreshing. I’ve been asked to do a heart, and in many cases I’ve been given a go kill in this area, but this has only come very fast and so does the heart of Thorns.

The story of the expansions from I was the story. I can’t say much, but it includes a lot of topics and topics that are relevant in the real world. The report is focused on chronic illness, major LGBTQA + representations, and even a few characters with body differences, such as prosthetic limbs. And somehow it’s capable of doing all that without bludgeoning you and sending him off and feeling preachy.

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This is the expansion of what I think is the best environment. It seems that the team at ArenaNet, who has done a great job putting it into place over the last few years, had the freedom and resources to make these zones shine. It’s fun to watch a night fall in the Seitung Province and to see ghostly spirit people pop up and go about their business as hell as anyone else, and no one else goes blind because that’s what Shing Jea is all about.

There are small details in this province. For example, on the island Shing Jea, watch out for shrine guardians, baby shrine guardians manifest as light wisps in the sky, dancing around a rock or spot on the ground. Pick the rock, or chase the lights for the way, and you’ll get rewarded with a small chest. It reminds me of Zelda. At the heart of the Wilds, I am trying to take the seeds off Korok.

Before Guild Wars II has done cities, Lions Arches and The Free City of Amnesty from all races. But none of these compares to New Kaineng.

New Kaineng isn’t a city-only zone as Lions Arch, with its full-fledged zone, has events, gathering nodes, hero challenges, mastery points, and even a meta-security. Also, it feels much more resentful than before. Industrial complexes exist in some area, and communal homes exist among others. Some places are bathed in the neon green of jadetech, while others do not have any such niceties. When you come, there is no need to find out where you went, but after some time, as far as I know and use real world cities, you get used to it. Other MMOs can take a few notes from New Kaineng on how to do metropolises.

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ArenaNet just asked us not to talk about a map besides these two, but trust me, the same attention was given to other towns on the same extent as the smaller ones.

One of the favorite things about this expansion is the variety of zones. Two previous expansions made by the zones are more common. In the Heart of Thorns we had a crush and fire attack, a forest-style development, an occupied city, an avalanche or an angry, deer, a swarm of the jungle. In the path of fire, we had desert, city, desert with mountains, desert with lots of rivers and desert with zombies. The infamous Shing Jea island chain resides in Seitung Province, the bustling metropolis of New Kaineng City, the Echovald of the Deep and Dark Forest, and the Jade Sea. There are many common elements in one’s life, like the East Asian flair and the ubiquitous jade tech, but each zone has its own unique feel.

Many players, including me, had speculated that the Dragons of the End would contain a lot of underwater content. There were many signs, as well as the addition of legendary aquabreathers and underwater skimmers, and the fact that there was only one remaining elder dragon. Let me rid the whole family of those who hate the tridimensional combat saying that is not the case. I don’t think I killed more than five or ten enemies underwater, and that’s because they were trying to fish while I was bothering.

This expansion in music is incredible. I can’t imagine a single part of Guild Wars that doesn’t have beautiful music but the unique, exotic sounds of Cantha are very next-level. I was a little worried that composer Maclaine Diemer and crew, who had done a great job creating more traditional fantasy soundtracks, would have brought the East Asian flair to music. Of course, they misplaced me. I hadn’t heard it before, but at the moment, the Dragons soundtrack of The End is an excellent contender for my favourite Guild Wars soundtrack.

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If I had to pick things that I didn’t, they would be scarce and not very major. For one thing, the voice cast for the End of Dragons is a little smaller than the previous expansions. The voice actors of this repetition were painfully obvious in many places. Debi Derryberry, The Vocal Voice of Taimi, in particular has a very different voice, so often she uses a different NPC, and it seems like Taimi has tried and hid her voice. (Or Jimmy Neutron. Yes, that’s the same voice actress. That knowledge curses me and now you too. That said, the sound of the game has been great, and they’ve had way too many emotional moments in the Guild Wars. 2.

As usual, there are a ton of currencies in this expansion. Some of them get your wallet, others go to the artisan store and can be eaten by others, some are ascribed to sigils, and there is still a coin I could have but few where I picked it up. You’ve only got a lot to see. There’s been an ongoing issue with Guild Wars 2, but at least ArenaNet seems to have some understanding that it has this problem, given the consolidation of strike-on-force crystals.

Even though these things are minor, the End of Dragons is a very interesting addition to the already sprawling World of Guild Wars 2. Cantha is marvelously realized. The story is full of rumors. We had a massive expansion like this in Guild Wars 2, but it was definitely worth the wait.

Flameseeker Chronicles is one of two Massively OP’s longest-running columns, covering the Guild Wars franchise since the 2nd Guild Wars. Written today by Tina Lauro and Colin Henry, here is the report on Tuesdays from GW2, news, opinion columns and dev diary breakdowns. If there is a project that you would like to explore, drop a comment.

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