Former FaZe Clan VP with GameSquare Esports launches content studio

GameSquare Esports is launching a four-frames studio, led by former FaZe Clan Vice President of Content Oluwafemi Femi Okusanya.

The New Studio, based in Los Angeles, will develop creative content solutions for brands and clients across a variety of industries. This includes gaming, sports, fashion and other consumer products. Mark Rasoul, Former 100 Thieves Vice-Presider of Marketing, This New Company for Strategic Strategy.

Image credit: Fourth Frame Studios.

The new business arm of GameSquare Esports is aimed at leveraging the knowledge gained in esports and gaming to offer client content production.

This studio will offer creative resources and production services. The purpose of this includes creating long-form video content and short-form content, curating and executing in-person events, and acoustic, and acoustic, environments and augmented reality.

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Femi Okusanya, Head of Studio at Fourth Frame Studios, said: With a vast network of talented creators to connect with an unrivaled ability, Fourth Frame Studios can do a major part of the digital content space. We wanted to tell stories from different angles and to create culturally impactful entertainment that was representative of gamers and their broader interests.

It was announced that actor Jordan Fisher will serve as a Creative Advisor to Original IP Development.

GameSquare is known mostly for its own business – esports, complexity gaming, code red esports and LGD gaming. Earlier this year, the company announced its new CEO of European Sales in Birmingham.

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A key contributor to GameSquares: The Market Gap is between high-end, strategic content production demand and in-depth, in-house experience with hard-to-reach audiences such as gamers.

According to Esports, the new venture from GameSquare is a pretty good move. The company has esports groups under its umbrella, and the technology companies are involved in getting data and experience using more money.

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