Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 in Where to Destroy Trash Around Sanctuary


Welcome to week eight of The Resistance Questline. This time around we will be diving into a single location and destroying some things. Here’s Where to Destroy Trash Around Sanctuary in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2.

These are the quests of the pattern. Before we get to the quest of the meat, we will first have the “Daily Bugle or The Joneses near the Establish Device Uplink.” Here is a map of locations to finish this objective.

Establish Device Uplink Map Locations

We went to the spot south of the Joneses to find the low number of people heading in that direction. Thoughts, now, it is near a Stormtrooper outpost, so that might not be the case for you.

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You will find the hologram audio log at the edge of this pond. Touching it will give you the quest for your proper objective.

The Joneses of Hologram Audio Log South

Where To Destroy Trash In Sanctuary

With the hologram audio log touched, your objective becomes “Destroy trash laying around Sanctuary.”

Map of Sanctuary Spots to Destroy Trash

You will need to find a total of eight pieces of trash. You don’t have to follow the order, but it helps, as some of the objective markers on the mini-map are confusing.

Sanctuary Trash Location 1

Trash Location 1 by Pond

If you see the first piece you will head to the Sanctuary at the Southern marker.

Sanctuary Trash Location 2

Trash Location 2 in Corner

From the last piece of trash, head to your left, head to the building, and go to the right from the entrance. None of these pieces of trash are a building inside.

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Sanctuary Trash Location 3

Trash Location 3 Against Wall

The next piece of trash will be the same building as the last one.

Sanctuary Trash Location 4

Trash Location 4 Under Fern

Near the last piece, you’ll find these rocks and a plant that is hiding this trash.

Sanctuary Trash Location 5

Trash Location 5 by Crops

The rocks of the South will be a small batch of crops and you’ll find the fence on the other side of the trash.

Sanctuary Trash Location 6

Trash Location 6 Near Containers

These are the same fence that lead you to the next piece.

Sanctuary Trash Location 7

Trash Location 7 Under Tree

As the last one was in the area, you’ll want to head east. This big tree under the next piece you will find.

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Sanctuary Trash Location 8

Trash Location 9 by round building and fence

The trash of the final piece is the tree from further east, next to this building and fence.

That’s about every piece of information (and trash) you need to know about Where to Destroy Trash Around Sanctuary in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. Be sure to stick around as we bring you all the weekly eight Resistance quests.

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