Fortnite: How to Deliver a Tank to a Seven Outpost in Chapter 3 Season 2


Now that Season 2 of The Third Resistance Quest, you should be racking up the XP. This time, instead of destroying, we are taking care of how to deliver a tank to a seven outpost.

As you are no doubt aware, head to the “Establish Device Uplink Near Command Cavern.”

There are three spots around Command Cavern to find the audio log you will need:

Fortnite Establish Device Uplink Command Cavern Quest Objective

How To Deliver A Tank To A Seven Outpost

The bottom right of the spot gives you enough distance from the Command Cavern that you can run away once you have grabbed the hologram audio log. It will be located here:

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Fortnite Hologram Audio Log

Your new objective of “Deliver a Tank to a Seven Outpost” gives you the exact same options when you have to install the device uplink.

Fortnite Deliver Tank Quest Objective

Seeing as you just did the quest to damage a tanker’s armor samples, you know where to go and find an easy one. For those who follow our same method, you can find an occupied tank at the south side of the Daily Bugle.

Fortnite The Daily Bugle Tank Location

This works perfectly with the Seven Outpost just this tank of Northeast. So hop in and drive off. You shouldn’t have any problems with IO forces, but its better to just fight instead of fighting them.

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Once you get close, the outpost should look like this:

Fortnite Seven Outpost Deliver Tank

You’ll have to park the tank or drive it somewhere special, at some distance from the Seven Outpost, the quest will be complete.

That’s all you need to know How to deliver a tank to a Seven outpost.

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