Fortnite Lantern Trials Offer Prizes for Completing Challenges


It looks like they might be starting a weekly thing. Just last week, Fortnite players were tasked with going through the Zero Build Trials that required them to play in the battle royale’s new Zero Build playlists.

Unlike usual Fortnite challenges, these must be started from your browser and that is where you will be able to track them. You have to take yourself to the Lantern Trials Website and sign in to the Epic Games account tied to your Fortnite profile.

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Each day, over the course of five days, players will visit the site to see what challenge they must do. They only need to follow and complete the challenge to earn a single point and unlock that day’s emoticon reward. However, each day also includes a higher point total “stretch goal” that will lead to unlocking the better rewards.

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Reaching one stretch goal will be rewards players with the Leadlight cosmetic wrap to customize your weapons. Reaching the stretch goal will earn players two challenges for the Dream Lantern cosmetic back bling.

These must be done before the fifth day. On the fifth day the stretch goals will no longer be possible, but you will be able to collect any missed emoticons from the previous days’ challenges. After the event ends the rewards sink into the ether and it is unclear if they will ever enter the shop’s future pool of items.

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Speaking of Fortnite, yesterday the fifth week of the Resistance quests went live and we have guides for all of them.

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