From the SSX to the Deadly Descents, our view is even more amazing

Whenever anyone mentions SSX on the world wide web, a friendly debate begins about the best game of all kinds of SSX games. (FWIW is probably SSX 3). However, the games have their own merits; Things it does better than the other game. This is why I am struggling to understand why the series is not as successful as it was ten years ago.

The following is a reboot of the series from 2012 to 2012. That game is still ten years old, and the series has been in limbo ever since. Could the 2012 SSX change direction?

The game was officially announced during the 2010 Spike Video Games Academy, which was originally the first sandbox game and was officially announced as SSX: Deadly Descents. The revealing trailer appeared to ditch the big secrets and well-conceived tracks they were known for. Instead we had a real-world location and a rider that appeared to be just like any other man who tried.

Deadly Descents has been removed, but the actual gameplay element is that Deadly Descents remains attached. Later trailers also gave a bit more color of the lighthearted feel.

I had the privilege of watching the short-lived GAME event on SSX. It was a sham-up between the Eurogamer Expo and the EGX market. But because GAMEfest was more northern in Birmingham, the UK was easier to attend.

There were some early builds of their recent titles in their EA booth and SSX was one of them. SSX also ran a highscore tournament. The original trilogy of playing after hours of SSX was more than average. That’s how I laughed at my chance. It didn’t work out exactly what I needed, but because of my adequacy, I didn’t mean it was me. Here is a conversation I had with the community at EA Booth to share. It is good to know my disappointment.

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I am here. I’m here for the SSX competition.

EA Oh. Do we do one?

I hope it does well, there’s one.

EA As I guess, he’s right here.

It’s just amazing stuff. Thank you.

Dramatic silence

Me Hey! What do I have to do here?

You have been studying EA Ermm. I tell you what, I will give you three runs on that level we have set and take your top score.

Score down to I proceed.

I don’t have any more work. How are you feeling for me?

Who of you are at home to this? If no one else comes within half a second, better give you some prizes.

The only five minutes you take between 10 and twenty minutes. Nobody is waking up.

EA Well it looks like you’ve won. I know we run the competition but don’t really have a prize, but I can give you a FIFA merch.

The video player will give you a notepad and mini football!

Sure, why not. Thanks a lot.

So I ended my professional career. I vowed never to pursue an eSports career there or anywhere else. As far as SSX has an esports community, I guess that could be the gateway drug.

Upon official publication on February 28th, SSX received positive reviews. Many commented that this was a franchise they could have had for newer hardware, as well. One of those games I had pre-ordered soon became available to do so. I wasn’t disappointed. But I was not crazy or hurt myself.

The map was the main menu, which was impressive. You can choose from many mountains. Many were caught away from the start, but then quickly opened up.

A single player campaign that rewrote the SSX formula. You didn’t even come here to race, freestyle or race. Instead, you were simply trying to get into a hole. This highly treacherous run would have all the riders capable of surviving them. Each Deadly Descent also features their own unique mechanics like avalanches, low oxygen or giant chasms over the wingsuit. Every descent has its own unique set of gear that has its own unique mechanics and for the most part, it was well thought out.

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Online multiplayer, too, has finally returned, so far as people would have hoped. The multiplayer team on the player’s quality was asynchronous; Several tracks were highlighted each day. The riders gave their best time and score to a leaderboard. At the time, you earned a good prize. As a former multi-generational man whose films were written by friends on SSX 3, Burnout 3 and TimeSplitters 2, he was very used to multiplayer.

Live multiplayer racing and freestyle events got a post-release patch in the underway.

SSX did have a collectible system that helped develop. The players themselves are the ones that put the collections on the table for others to collect, known as Geotags. As soon as you find all the developers place some new items, there was a steady stream of new items to find.

This series brought back some classic characters as well as a new mountain. A more traditional SSX style and felt more like a series. Honestly, the post-release stuff felt like it was the beginning of what all the fans really wanted.

Talk about the SSX game without mentioning the soundtrack. Considering the time with which the previous titles featured more rock from the likes of Thrice, Yellowcard and Iron Maiden, SSX 2012 had a much more dubstep / drum and bass sound. There was even a song in the game for SSX 2012. The likes of The Qemists, Camo & Krooked, and Raffertie are all contributing new music to Deadly Descents. The soundtrack is a thing that the franchise has left behind.

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I didn’t say SSX 2012 was a bad game, but since the title was changed and post-launched, it felt like the developers didn’t know exactly what players were asking for. SSX Tricky and the open-world setting of SSX 3 should’ve been laid out from the franchise. But since SSX On Tour began, the franchise has spluttered along. SSX Blur, for example, only released on Nintendo Wii. The new SSX version was an enormous way back in the series. But, it’s the fundamentals. This is still a highly competitive snowboarding game, but not an SSX title. And no, I’m still angry about my lack of SSX merch. I guess you’re okay, but it doesn’t bother me the way I’m thinking about this game.

SSX 2012 and SSX 3 are backwards compatible with Xbox. Especially for EA, the servers are still open. I do not seem to be happy with the fact that it is too late for me to return to the same hotel. Since August 2012, I’ve achieved 44/50 achievements and I’m determined to make it one of those difficult 1000 G. Maybe it’ll drive me into action when the servers close.

That’s what I think about the series. This ten-year reflection reminds me that it’s been a long time. The likes of Steep, Riders Republic and more have taken the crown, but were nowhere close. SSX will be snowboarding to the videogame crowd, and there is no doubt there will be another one like it.

Do you want to check out the SSX? The Xbox store is your best wager. It was included in the EA Playlist and was made available on Xbox One and Xbox X | S.

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