FromSoftware Focused on Scale and RPG Elements for Elden Ring

in a pre-release production staff interviewFromSoftware revealed that the development team focused on three core tenets when creating Elden ring. These included scale, RPG elements, and lore that ultimately created the core experience of Elden ring. The development team revealed that scale was important for creating a sense of variety in the game. This includes the creation of various castles, caves, and dungeons that players can actively explore in Elden ring. The developers worked to ensure that these areas would be connected seamlessly throughout the open world.

However, while scale was an important factor when creating Elden ring, FromSoftware wanted the RPG elements of the game to allow for true variety in playstyle. The intention was to enable players to pursue their own method of exploration.

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You can watch the Elden ring pre-release production staff interview below. It features English and Japanese subtitles.

The video also delves into the creative process of Elden ring‘s lore. It reiterates that game of Thrones creator George RR Martin provided the foundation for Elden ring. Elden ring director Hidetaka Miyazaki was already a fan of Martin’s work. While Martin provided lore regarding events having taken place before the narrative of the game, the team was able to create the scenario. This also helped FromSoftware develop the general gameplay that would appear in Elden ring.

A recent interview with Famitsu revealed several more key development details regarding Elden ring. This included its parallel development with Sekiro.

Elden ring is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. You can read our review of the PC version, with PlayStation 5 impressions.

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