Geneshine Impact Symbols and Their Meaning

Getting caught up in a new game can sometimes seem like learning a whole new language – and the Geneshin effect is no different. From lor-based lingo to elemental interactions, there is a lot to turn your head around and this can be a little intimidating at times. Although most are explained at some point in the tutorial (unless you skip them – we do not judge in any way), it is easy to overload the information or lose some knowledge. Will be useful later.

Well, do not worry fellow travelers, we are here to help. With us Genshin Impact Icons Guide, we will take a look at all the mysterious little icons that appear around your screen and on the minimap, so you know exactly what you are looking at. Whether you’re new to the game, or a returning player in need of a refresher, we’re behind you.

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Gene Shine Impact Icons on Minimap

Your minimap is displayed in the upper-left corner of your screen and shows you your immediate area. Sometimes small icons appear, indicating items or locations of interest. So, here’s what each symbol represents.

Genshine Impact's Quickie Liu is located on the Minimap, a hand gesture showing nearby specialties.

What is the Gene Shine Impact Hand Icon on the MiniMap?

Some characters have resource capabilities that show where local specialties can be found. These are marked with a hand sign. Characters with resource capabilities:

In addition, Genshin Impact’s Ningguang Teyvat is reminiscent of nearby ore veins on the minimap.

Flying towards Oculus with a star showing where it is on the Ito minimap of Genesine Impact

What is the Gene Shine Impact Star Icon on the MiniMap?

Star sign means to collect nearby Oculus. The Oculi are the items needed to upgrade the seven statues and are currently of three different types:

  • Anemoculus (Mondstadt)
  • Geoculus (Liu)
  • Electroculus (Inazuma)

Leveling up the seven statues will give you various rewards and buffs in the area. You have to be very close to Oculus to see the star sign. If you have trouble locating them, you can forge the corresponding oculus resonance stone at the crafting bench – these are single-use items that locate the oculus location on the minimap from a greater distance. You can also see our Genshine Impact Map Guide.

Qiqi of Genshin Impact approaches key sigil with the icon on the minimap showing where it is

Other Gene Shine Impact Icons on the MiniMap

Key Sigils

Key seagulls appear on the minimap around the economics. There are a total of five of them and they are used to release the impression with the matching image.

Crimson Agate

As the dragon crosses the spine, a nearby crimson agate is spotted on the minimap with a small crystal-like symbol. These can be used to upgrade the snow-bearing tree for multiple rewards, including greetings, a set of hero’s wings and wings and a namecard at higher levels.

Worm Holes

Wormholes are shown on the minimap as a small portal. Many are currently available worldwide.

In Mondstadt:

  • Cape standard for Musk Reef for Spiral Abyss entry

In Inazuma:

  • Jinren Island Underwater Ruins Permanent Mechanical Array World Boss’s Residence

In economics:

  • Emanent Skylight at Evernight Temple
  • The Emanent Skylight at the Noros
  • The Emanent Skylight at the Serpent’s Heart

Weaverride Waypoint

The four-pointed star that appears on both the map and the minimap revolves around it, which is the Weaverider Waypoint, where you can call it the Weaveridship.

Itto of Genshine Impact with Quick Access Menu on him

Geneshine Impact Icons at the top of the screen

These are the icons that appear at the top of the screen. They can also be found on the Quick Access Wheel.

  • Compass: This is the Events tab, where you can find a reduction of current Geneshine Impact events.
  • Wings around a star: This is a battle pass, where you will receive rewards for completing specific missions. There is a free basic version or a paid version called Gnostic Him.
  • Large star with two small stars: This is a shortcut to wish banners, where you can drag new characters
  • Open the book: This is an adventurer’s handbook. Here, you can claim rewards for completing specific missions and milestones, see all available domains and the rewards they offer, and check out all the officers you can fight with.
  • Backpack: This is the Traveler’s Backpack, where you can find all your belongings

Geneshine Impact Icons in the menu

Generine Impact Icons on the left side of the screen

  • Camera: Naturally, this is the camera! It allows you to take a snapshot of your screen
  • Notice board: Here you can find all the latest information from developers including patch notes, upcoming events and more
  • Cover: This is your mailbox, where you will receive gifts from friends (and sometimes letters), reminders at the end of the event, free primojems after management and more
  • Clock: This allows you to skip time in the game – it’s useful when you want to return to the location at a specific time
  • Cog: As with most games, Cog takes you to the Settings menu

And that’s everything in our GeneSine Impact Symbols Guide. If you are looking for more narrative entertainment, check out our list of the best mobile RPGs to find new to play.

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