Genshin Impact Chasm – Release Date, Location and More

The chasm of the Geneshin Impact is a potential expansion suggested by Miho before Inazuma arrived. The abyss is set to expand the territory of Liu, as can the Dragon’s Spine to Mandstadt, and the Economy to Inazuma, which can narrow the gap to the new area in Sumer.

But what exactly Genshin Impact Chasm? And when will it come? Well, rumors circulated before the old days update 1.4 that Geneshin Impact leaks could be closer than we thought – and that it might bring some familiar faces along with it.

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Here’s everything we know about Geneshine Impact Chasm so far.

The Jenshin Impact Map shows the abyss

What is Jenshin Impact Chasm?

The abyss is the area marked west of Lisha in Liu on the map. It is said to be an area rich in ore and was formerly the primary source of these substances in Liu. However, a series of secret dangers will lead the miners to leave the area, which is now full of monsters and treasure hunters.

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Esther, of Dragon Spine, claims to have a different climate than the rest of the Liuye climate in Chasm, but did not elaborate further. This makes us believe that spending time inside can cause effects such as extreme cold of the dragon spine or ballet thunder in Inazuma. Due to the molten rocks inside, we hope you will fully warm up to the climate you experience in some domains and parts of the Spiral Abyss.

If you scout around and read the texts around Liu, you will find myths that say the abyss was formed as a result of a falling star almost 6,000 years ago. It was so disturbed by the constant strife caused by the Arkansas war that it left the abyss and returned to the skies – even a fraction of it forming dungeon ruins.

As you follow the miners to the mountain base, the Geneshin Impact Jonglee storyline explores the abyss. From there, you find that Azdaha, the Geo Dragon, lived on the mountain, but got angry when the miners disrupted the elemental flow of the lay lines inside. Chongli, along with other adaptations, had to fight deep into the cave to seal him inside. This allowed the miners to return, while at the same time creating a rare mineral called ‘dragonfal’.

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In recent times, however, the abyss has shown links to the abyss and due to the odd string of accidents that have occurred inside, miners have had to evacuate. It opened the abyss to many hostile enemies, making it a dangerous place to explore.

Amber looking at the abyss without fog

When will the Generic Impact Chasm be released?

The image above was taken from the Reddit post by user u / Aadi_880, showing the abyss without fog or vignette.

We have been waiting for the release of Chasm for some time now, with Geneshine Impact leaks suggesting that it may reach update 2.6. Other leaks say it’s coming in at 2.7, but it’s also believed that Chasm will be split into two, so we’ll see it spread in both updates.

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Despite many rumors circulating that Dendro characters such as Yeno Yoyao of Genshine Impact and Baiju of Genshine Impact will come out alongside Chasm, the leakers now believe that the element will not diminish until Sumeru’s new area is released. It makes sense that such a monumental addition to the game would be saved for a bigger update like 3.0 and Sumeru would be overseen by Dendro Arkon.

However, due to its deep-seated relationship, many fans believe that Chasm will be revisiting the popular character of Dinelife, Geneshine Impact. If this happens, maybe we’ve finally got him a role to play – or at least learn a little bit about this troubled guy.

That’s all we know about the chasm of Geneshine Impact for now – we’ll update this guide as we get more information. At this point, check out our list of the best games like Geneshine Impact to find something new to play today.

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