Genshin Impact IoT release date, banner and build

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular RPGs of recent years and comes with a wide range of content including its vast and beautiful landscapes, arcane quests, world explorations and general exploration. What’s more, the game adds more and more powerful characters every time the Mihoyo update is released. One such character is Ioto of Genshin Impact. Although he has not yet appeared in the RPG, we know that he is the current head of the Kamisato clan in Inazuma and Yashiro is the commissioner.

With us Jenshin Impact Iato Guide, we aim to shed some light on the interesting character in various aspects including his release date, banner, skills and finally his best build‌. To stay up to date on the latest information related Comisato Ayato of Jenshin Impact, Bookmark this page and we will update it as soon as new details are available.

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What is the release date of Genshine Impact IoT?

At the moment, the details about the Geneshine Impact IoT release date are very limited and mainly come from Geneshine Impact leaks – so take them with a pinch of salt. But popular Twitter leaker Ubatcha has suggested that he could come up with a Genesin Impact update in 2.6, so we can see the head of the Comisato clan very soon.

Lightning Island all around

What can we expect from the Genshine Impact IoT banner?

The Genshine Impact Ayato banner has not yet been confirmed by Mihoyo, but a leak regarding his release date indicates that he may be released alongside another upcoming character, Heizhou.

Who is the iato of Jenshin Impact?

Comisato Ayato of Jenshin Impact is Ayaka’s elder brother of Jenshin Impact and a close friend of Thoma of Jenshin Impact. He is the head of the Comisato dynasty and serves as Yashiro’s commissioner. He is very lonely and likes to be behind the scenes when acting as the face of the Ayaka family, yet he is very kind and has earned the loyalty of his followers.

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He is a very mature and determined young man who cares deeply about the common people and is not afraid to meet with notorious people, often playing cards and taking part in beetle fights with the Ito of Gene Shine Impact. He is also very naughty, often playing tricks on the tri-commission.

Which is the Best Gene Shine Impact Auto Build?

We still know very little about Geneshin Impact Ioto Build, and many suspicious leaks have surfaced suggesting that he is a hydro character who can call the water blade similar to the Geneshin Impact Child’s hydro blades. We also have confirmation from a trusted source called ‘Uncle Dumb Dumb’ that the ayato skill kit is now complete.

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How is the Ayato of Genshin Impact?

Once again, according to several leak sources, Ayato has ‘Male’ character model (I.e. he looks like an adult, not a boy) and has white hair and wears a white formal jacket like Sebastian from Black Butler or Marines from One Piece. However, there has been a lot of discussion among fans as to whether he wants to have long hair or be short. Recently, another suspicious leak indicated his appearance Currently being edited, And he will not finish until the Spring Festival.

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Who is the voice actor of Jenshin Impact Iato?

Akira Ishida, Japanese voice actor of Jenshin Impact Ayato, and Chris Hockney, his English voice actor. You can hear Aya talking briefly with Aya at the end of the Itto character teaser above.

And that’s all we have in the IoT of Geneshine Impact. If you follow other games like Genshin Impact, make sure you check out our options for the best mobile RPGs.

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