Genshin Impact Marvelous Merchandise: Liben Location & Materials


In this recurring event, Genshin Impact, called Marvelous Merchandise, tasks you with locating Liben, a merchant who wants to exchange one of his Box O’Marvels. Here we go to provide information Genshin Impact in Marvelous Merchandise for Liben’s Locationas well as what resources he after.

Where to Find Genesin Impact’s Marvelous Merchandise Event for Liben

This event takes place over the course of a week and, initially, Liben would change change spots every single day. So, here we are providing information on his location every time and the resources he receives as regularly as this event returns.


It seems Liben is asking for the most intangible and useless resources in the entire world for his priceless box O’Marvels rewards, like pinecones, apples, or other random things. Pinecones and apples… Seriously, Liben?

Bring Liben what he wants once per day and he’ll reward you with some of his Box O ‘Marvels merchandise – hence, the title of the event.

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Marvelous Merchandise 1.0 Liben Locations & Items

Day Location Required Items
1 City of Mondstadt Mushroom x10
2 Springvale Pinecone x10
3 Dawn Winery Berry x10
4 Stone Gate Sunsettia x10
5 The Wangshu Inn Apple x10
6 Liyue Harbor, The Statue of the Seven Carrot x10
7 Liyue Harbor Radish x10

Marvelous Merchandise New Liben Locations & Items

After Version 1.0, the first instance of the event, Liben can always be found in the city of Mondstadt, and his requests should be the same as well. Follow the table below when Marvelous Mehandise rolls around again.

For now, that’s all you need to know about Liben’s location for Genshin Impact’s Marvelous Merchandise event. Anything changes – whether it’s Be Liben’s location or his material requirements.

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