Genshin Impact Uncle He Clues Locations: How To Complete Chasm Delvers Quest


The Chasm Delvers quest in Genshin Impact with tasks players Uncle He’s whereabouts of finding three clues. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find each of them.

Uncle He’s Whereabouts to Find Clues

  1. When you first arrive in the Chasm, speak to the NPC and then make your way to the first waypoint marked with a yellow circle.

    There’s some purple goo in the corner by the rockface and some crates just next to it. The first clue is on the top of the crates here.

    genshin impact uncle he clues locations
  2. Next, drop down into the chasm below and head to the northernmost waypoint.

    Look out for a blue Lumenstone torch and you’ll find the second clue stuck to a crate here.

    genshin impact uncle he clues locations
  3. Finally, make your way to the last waypoint, and you’ll come across some Treasure Hunters.

    Defeat these and then look for another weapon rack next to another Lumenstone torch. The next clue is a broken crate just next to this.

    genshin impact uncle he clues locations

When you’ve got all three clues to Uncle He’s location, return to Jinwu and inform her of what you’ve found. You’ll get the next objective in the quest, which tasks you with heading to the exploration team camp.

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