Genshin Impact Xingqiu Guide – Best Build

Xingqiu has always wanted to be a hero and he is best known for his love of fiction books, which inspired him to be brave and a little extraordinary from an early age. When his nose is not deep in the book, you may find that Jingkiyu is looking too far to attract a rare story.

With help from us Genshin Impact Xingqiu Guide them also into the good behaviors and to avoid displaying some profane ones.

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Build the best Genshin Impact Xingqiu

Xingqiu is a hydro-sword holding character that fits well with the sub DPS character. We recommend using him in a team with Geneshin Impact Razor, as he can help trigger the electro-charge, which provides much needed extra physical damage.

Xingqiu wields his sword

Which weapon should you use?

Our top choice for Xingqiu’s weapon is the Skyward Blade. It is a five star weapon that can be obtained by making a wish. It is best to use a sacrificial knife until you get a skyward blade.

Weapon Effect How to get
Sacrifice sword Bonus effect: + Energy Recharge%
Skill: After the opponent is damaged with elemental skill, the skill has a 40% chance of completing its own cooldown. This only happens once every 30 seconds
Skyward blade Bonus effect: + Energy Recharge%
Skill: Crit rate increased by 4%. When using the Elemental Burst, Bennett acquires the Skypearsing Might‌, which increases movement and attack speeds by 10% and increases the damage of both normal and charged attacks by 20% in 12 seconds.
Festing desire Bonus effect: + Energy recharge
Skill: Increases Elemental Skill Damage 16% and Elemental Skill Create Rate 6%
The Chalk Prince and Dragon Event Reward
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Which artwork should you use?

We recommend that Xingqiu use the full set emblem of Servated Fate or Noble Oblivion to focus on enhancing its Elemental Burst effect. Alternatively, you can use Heart of Depth to buff his hydro attack.

Artwork set Effect Where to get it
A symbol of severed destiny Equipped with two: Energy Recharge + 20%
Equipped with four:
Increases elemental explosion damage by 25% on energy recharge. You can get a maximum of 75% bonus loss this way
Momiji-Died Court domain on Yashiori Island in Inazuma
Nobility responsibilities Equipped with two: Elemental explosion damage increased by 20%
Equipped with four: Elemental bursts increase the attack on all party members by 20% for 12 seconds. It is not possible to stack
Clearpool and Mountain Cavern domain from Minlin, Mount Ayojang or Noble’s Oblige Artifact Strongbox
Heart of Depth Equipped with two: Water loss + 15%
Equipped with four: Increases normal and charged attack damage after 30% use of Elemental Skill for 15 seconds
Windagnir domain peak at Dragon’s Spine in Mondstadt

Alternative artifacts

If you are struggling to get the above sets, you can use these at this point.

When choosing artifacts for Xingqiu, you should give priority to the following figures.

Top Statistics:

  • Energy Recharge or Attack% for Sands of Ion
  • Hydro Damage Bonus for Goblet of Enothem
  • Crit rate, Crit damage or attack% for logo circle


  • Energy recharge
  • Attack%
  • Crate rate
  • Crit damage

To learn more about how works of art work, see our Geneshine Impact Artworks Guide.

Xingqiu introduced himself to the traveler

What are Xingqiu Skills?

Active Skills:

Skill Effect
Guhua style Do five strikes
Guhua style (charged) Use the power to perform two powerful strikes
Guhua style (plunging) AoE on impact drops from mid-air to combat damage
Guhua Sword – Fatal rain screen Execute two strikes dealing with hydro damage and call the maximum number of rain swords. These swords float around Xingqiu and have the following features:

  • Rainsword will burst when you hit, thereby reducing the damage done
  • Xingqiu resistance to interruption increased
  • 20% off Xingqiu’s Hydro Damage Bonus converted into an additional loss reduction for Rain Swords
  • Xingqiu gets wet
Guhua Sword – Raincoatter Xingqiu launches Rainbow Bladework and fights the illusory sword rain. It also generates the maximum number of rain swords. When under the influence of rainbow bladework, simple attacks by the active character trigger sword rain attacks that deal with hydro damage. As long as this capability is active there will be a maximum number of rain swords

Passive Skills:

Skill Effect
Hydropathic When Rainsword bursts or expires, it regenerates your HP to 8% of the Xingqiu maximum HP
Blades between raindrops Get 20% Hydro Damage Bonus
Flash of the genius When creating Character Talent Materials, you have a 25% chance of refunding a portion of the material.

What are the constellations of Xingqiu?

Here is every bonus you get when Xingqiu equalizes constellations.

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Beam Effect
The fragrance remains The maximum number of Rain Swords increased by one
Rainbow on Azure Sky Guhua Sword – Raincutter duration increased by three seconds. Enemies struck by sword rain get a 15% reduction in their hydro resistance for four seconds
Versus leader Guhua Sword – Raises the level of the raincoat three
Wicked Guhua Sword – Damage caused by Guhua Sword for the duration of the rain cutter – Fatal Rainscreen increased by 50%
Embrace of rain Guhua Sword – Fatal raises ్రీన్screen level three
Therefore, call them my own poems If you activate two Guhua Swords – Raincoat’s sword attacks, the damage to the third strike will increase. The three forces are regenerated when the sword rain attacks the enemies

Xingqiu white background front

How much does it cost to climb Xingqiu?

You will need a large number of silk flowers to climb Jingqiu. If you have trouble finding them, look around the using terrace in Liu Harbor.

Required level It must Materials
20 20,000 One Varunada Lazurite Sliver, Three Silk Flowers, Three Damaged Masks,
40 40,000 Three Varunada Lazurite Fragment, Two Cleansing Heart, Ten Silk Flower, 15 Damaged Mask
50 60,000 Six Varunada Lazurite Fragment, Four Cleansing Heart, 20 Silk Flower, 12 Stained Mask
60 80,000 Three Varunada Lazurite Chunk, Eight Cleansing Heart, 30 Silk Flower, 18 Stained Mask
70 100,000 Six Varunada Lazurite component, 12 heart cleansing, 45 silk flowers, 12 ominous mask
80 120,000 Six Varuna lazurite gemstones, 20 heart cleansers, 60 silk flowers, 24 ominous masks

That’s all you need to know about Xensqiu of Genshin Impact! If you need some help with other hydro characters, check out our Genesine Impact Mona and Genesine Impact Barbara guides.

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