Genshin Impact Yaoyao Release Date, Banner and more

Okay, so we’re very disappointed for our first dendro taste at Genshine Impact at this point and we were definitely not alone. With plenty of references about the element throughout the game and many enemies using it, we started to feel like we were kind of left out. But there is hope that the first playable Dendro character may be on the horizon.

The game was datamined at the beginning of its lifespan (wow, 2020 now feels like eternity, right?) Yoyo of Jenshin Impact Waiting for our primroses to steal and steal, formed the abode behind our minds. This adorable, playful little girl has been mentioned a lot by our Luan Travels, but still not a strong word Genshin Impact Yaoyao Release Date. However, with more and more Genesine Impact leaks about her and Sumeru’s new, dendro-themed area coming out horizontally, she may be closer than we thought.

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Who is Yayo of Jenshin Impact?

Yaoyao is one of the earliest Geneshine Impact leaks and dates back to the first closed beta datamine. All other characters found in the datamine have since been released, including Geneshine Impact’s Kokomi, Geneshine Impact’s Kazuha, Geneshine Impact’s Hu Tao and more, but Yoyo was the last person to enter the Geneshine Impact world.

At the end of the video above, you can see the Chinese art of showing Yayo along with Quixote of Genshin Impact, along with scenes of her sitting, and then running around the building. She shares the same run animation as other young female characters such as Geneeshin Impact’s Klee and Geneshine Impact’s Sai.

Recently, she’s popping up in conversations around Liu and we learn that she is a junior student of Jiangshin Impact Jiangling, learning from the same master chef, but has since been taken in the Gyanshin section of Gyanshin Impact. She enjoys playing and sneaks frequently into the Crux‌ when she arrives at the harbor, where she makes a habit of pulling the Genshine Impact Beadow heart strings by giving her puppy-eyes whenever it is time to sail.

Yaoyao Reference Shots by Loomi from Genshin_Impact_Leaks

When is the release date of Genshine Impact Yoyo?

With speculation that Yayoyao will be the first playable Dendro character (and we let you know, it totally inspired us), it is believed that she will be released alongside Chasm or Sumeru, so not before 3.0 as soon as possible.

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However, she clearly has a well-developed design and has been seen in more Geneshin Impact leaks in recent times, which means that the Geneshine Impact Yoyo release date is closer than we thought.

In addition, many voice lines were removed indicating the fact that she was fascinated by seafood and seafood. Maybe she will be a new companion to the traveler when we go to distant places by sea?

Which is the Best Gene Shine Impact Yoyo Build?

However, until more details come out we can not really confirm what the best Yaooo build is. As mentioned above, we believe she is a Dendro character and as she learned below Jiangling, she can use a pole. We will definitely update this guide as soon as we get more information.

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Yoyo Five-Star of Jenshin Impact?

We’re not sure yet honestly, but bringing the element with the Big Bang makes sense as the first Dendro character. We have to wait and see.

And that’s all we know at the moment in Yoyo of Genshin Impact. We will update this guide as soon as we receive any new information, please check back soon. At this point, check out our list of the best mobile RPGs for more fun on the go.

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