Genshine Impact Lantern Right 2022 Guide

The lantern ritual of Jenshin Impact is a beautiful, annual festival where the Liu people celebrate the beginning of the new year – and guess what? You are invited! There are plenty of fun events and minigames to enjoy as well as more exciting goodies and plenty to keep you excited about.

This year, the Genshin Impact Lantern Ritual The event is called ‘Flying Colors in Flight’ and it is fresh, festive fun. From melting fireworks, to collecting curios and flying to the wings with a huge sea beast, this is truly the most exciting time of the year for Geneshin fans. You can also get the Four-Star Gene Shine Impact Character and the beautiful Free Gene Shine Impact Skin. And, luckily for you, we are here to help you through the many event quests to ensure you get all the rewards before the festival is over.

To stay up to date on everything that is happening in Teyvat, be sure to check out our Genesin Impact Events and Genesine Impact Leaks Guide. We also got a list of all our latest Geneshine Impact codes to help you along the way.

What are the dates for Jenshin Impact Lantern Wright 2022?

This year, the Genshine Impact Lantern Wright Festival, also known as Flying Colors at the Flight Event, runs from January 25th to February 12th, and the shop is open until February 14th.

To take part in the event, you must be at least Adventure Rank 28 and have completed both Story Search Chapter 1: Act III: ‘A New Star Approaches’ and the New Interlocked Chapter: Act I: ‘The Crane Returns’.

Jenshin Impact Lantern Right Event Page

What are the Genesin Impact Lantern Wright 2022 events?

The event is divided into three stages, with more activities being unlocked as you go. They are as follows:

The first phase – January 25

  • FlamePlum Starflowers First Step
  • The first stage of the Great Gathering
  • The first step in the amazing Shadows
  • The market is the first step in the afterlife
  • The second phase of the market in the afterlife

Second phase – January 27

  • FlamePlum Starflowers Phase Two
  • Great Gathering Phase Two
  • Stunning Shadows Phase Two

Phase III – January 31

  • Oceanic Defender unlocks
  • FlamePlum Starflowers Phase Three
  • Great Gathering Phase Three
  • Wonderful Shadows Phase Three
  • Market phase three in the afterglow

Each event will have a fun, fresh minigame for you to participate in, and you can get plenty of prizes and primo if you get good scores. You will also earn rich talismans, immaculate talismans and Conquest talismans that you can use to buy a variety of items from the event shop, including providing blueprints and more.

Geneshine Impact Lantern Melt Right Fireworks

Gene Shine Impact Flame Bloom Starflowers

After completing the small event quest ‘The Blazing Stars Rings in Fortune’ and chatting with some familiar faces around Liu, you will receive the launch tube. Go into your inventory and keep your serenity pot the way you use it. Reach the tube and start melting!

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While melting fireworks, your goal is to bring the bars for the three parameters – color, size and height, into the orange zones. Achieving this will give you a maximum of 3,000 points, but you only need 2,700 to complete all the event tasks and claim your goodies.

Each smalt costs some patience, which can be seen on the right side of your screen. You can change your smelting techniques at the top right of your screen, which consumes a variety of endurance and changes the rate at which your parameters increase.

As you grow, you will gain access to various smelting techniques and fireworks.

Challenge One – Mountain Clouds Let the Golden Rain

Smelting methods are random, so it may not always work flawlessly, but we found that they worked for us when aiming for precise quality in the first challenge. You can even change a nitpicker for two tactile sensitivities if things do not happen your way.

  • Color: Two knitpicker smelts
  • Size: Two knitpicker smelts
  • Height: A knitpicker smelt

Challenge Two – The Silver Night is Full Stars

Once again, the smelting techniques have changed randomly, so this may take some effort, but this formula only works for us when we get an accurate quality score in Challenge Two.

  • Color: A decisive courage
  • Size: one decisive boldness and two knitpicker
  • Height: A decisive courage

We will update this guide when the remaining challenges begin.

The Genshine Impact Waverider is traveling towards the Crux

Jenshin Impact The Great Gathering

When the Jade Chamber crashed into the sea, it placed the beautiful Nick-Knox and antiques of Genshin Impact Ningguang on the shore. Fortunately, with the help of Genshine Impact’s Beedou, Genshine Impact’s Xinyan and your trusted wavewrider, you are here to fix it.

To take part in this event, you must complete an event quest called ‘Petal-lit Ships Fish for the Moon’, and then send the depositors of that awkward treasure to Lady Ningguang’s Depart for Guy Stone Forest – in exchange for some delicious rewards. Of course. Throughout the event, you will have access to special Waverider spawn points around Stone Forest.

The Great Gathering event has three distinct types of challenges.

Trial at night

Marked on the map by the wave surrounding the star, the trial events take place on shore and you encounter waves of treasure hoarders, each led by an elite unit. Your goal is to eliminate treasure hunter camps and regain interest.

The Elite Treasure Horde is marked with a flame symbol above their heads. If the color is dark red, it means they are buffed, which increases their protection and sometimes gives their allies the ability to buff. To remove this buff, you can use quilling firecrackers around the beaches. Not only do they clear the buff, they also deal a lot of damage – you get five uses for each interrogation round, so make the most of them.

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However, keep in mind that these hoarders are also located next to the beach – which allows for some delicious elemental interactions. During fights, you can lead them into the water and take advantage of wetting their feet by throwing cryo, pyro or electro attacks for freeze, electro-charged or evaporation reactions.

Curio Salvage

It’s nice and simple. Travel around the shallows around Guine Stone Forest in your Weaver Rider, collect floating interesting objects and use your cannons to defeat enemies. Locations for you will be marked on the map as you go and you can blow up specific enemies by aiming explosive barrels floating next to them.

Midpoint interception

If you pay attention to your daily commissions (and you should) you may be aware of similar interception missions, where you may have to deal with some amount of damage before the transport balloon reaches its final destination. It is very similar, but has a slight twist. At this point, you are on your wave rider rather than on Earth and there are enemies in your path.

Your goal is to destroy the transport balloon as quickly as possible, using your artillery and explosive barrels along the way. Killing treasure hunters on rafts along the way will add to your points, so be sure to take two shots at them without slowing down due to whirlpools, obstacles and uneven terrain.

To get maximum rewards, you need 3,000 points. It will not be so difficult to complete as long as you stay close and use explosive barrels and your charged attacks. You can try the challenge as many times as you like until you get the amount of points you need.

Jenshin Impact Lantern Right Shadow Riddle MiniGame

Wonderful shadows

This lovely little mini game is a neat, chill experience where you can play with 3D puzzle objects to create specific shadows. Despite the timer, it does not affect your rewards, so spend your time playing.

To start the Wonder Shadows event, you must complete the ‘The Bright-Window Lanterns’ event quest, and then talk to NPC to start the game. Here are the answers to the myths.

  • Tangle One: Incense (in the shape of an ornate archway)
  • Tangle Two: The ship
  • Tangle Three: Kite (bird shaped)

Jenshin Impact Lantern Right Oceanic Defender Event Page

Oceanic Defender

The event is currently locked until the third stage of the lantern ritual on January 31st. As you did at the end of the Interlude chapter (basically O’Sullivan’s girlfriend) you face Beast. We will add more information when the event starts.

Generic Impact Lantern Right Free Characters

Get Geneshine Impact Free Character with Rich Partnerships

Yes, what you heard is true. The Prosperous Partnership event ‘The Stars Inscribe the Years Wishes’ is unlocked by Event Quest and allows you to choose one of eight four-star Liu characters for free.

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Okay, not completely free – you’ll have to change 1,000 Affection Talismans and 1,000 Conquest Talismans for your chosen character, but these can be easily earned by completing the event minigames listed above. Conquest Talismans will be rewarded with FlamePlum Starflowers and Wonder Shadows Challenges and Conquest Talismans from Oceanic Defender. Unfortunately, you will have to wait until January 31st as soon as possible. Here are the characters you can select:

If you are thinking of choosing any free Geneshine Impact character from affluent partnerships – it depends on what you have already acquired!

If you do not have them, we recommend choosing Yun Jin, Jingqiu or Beedou. Yun Jin is a solid pick, she’s not in the standard banner yet, so if you do not catch her yet, you’ll have to wait a while – plus, she’s clever at buffing simple attacks with her blast. Both Xingqiu and Beidou offer some great off-field damage and potential for elemental reactions.

If you are thinking of choosing a character for a constellation, we recommend Jiangling, Jingqiu or Yun Jin, as they all benefit greatly from the higher constellations.

You can also look at our Geneshin Impact tire list, see which characters work best and make your decision based on that.

Genesin Impact Ninggunge on her new skin

The luscious eyebrows of the moon

There is no denying that Gingshine Impact’s Ningguang is a wonderful woman and to celebrate the Lantern Wright Festival, you can get her beautiful orchid evening gown Ginshine Impact Skin for free.

All you have to do is earn a total of 2,400 wealthy talismans, 2,200 immaculate talismans and 1,800 Conquest talismans over the course of the event. And, best of all? You do not have to spend them to get this lovely skin – you have to earn enough to complete the goals.

Genshin Impact Login Event

Jenshin Impact Login Events during the Lantern Right Festival

Two login events are in progress during the Lantern Right Festival. The first is May Fortune Find You, and runs from January 25th to February 13th and the second, Flowing Lights and Colors, runs from February 9th to February 13th.

If you want to get all the rewards, from brittle fats to a variety of goodies ranging from brittle resin, mora and talent level up materials, you need to log in every day for their duration. So yes – you get rewards for just showing up!

And that’s it for our Genshine Impact Lantern Right Guide – we hope you enjoy Flying Colors at the Flight Event and all the celebrations currently taking place in Liu Harbor! If you are looking for another escape outside the world of Teyvat, check out our best mobile RPGs today to discover new adventures.

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