Ghostwire Tokyo: Haunting Visions Side Mission Guide


After the Shibuya Central Hospital, you will be able to undertake the game’s story.Ghostwire Tokyo in Haunting Visions’ side missionand this guide will take you through the steps required to beat it.

Haunting Visions Ghostwire Side Mission Guide

The Quest:

  1. Head inside and defeat the visitors. Go down the hallway and use the elevator to go up to 4F.
    Ghostwire Tokyo: Haunting Visions
  2. Go down the hallway to the left until you get to room 403. Open the door and talk to Misaki.
  3. Go out to the door and head to the 3F. Head down the stairs and to the left, the defending visitors come along the way. Head through the kitchen and past the cafeteria until you reach an office.
  4. Use the Spectral Vision to read the three notes on Owada and then open the sealed door that is in and out of the office.
    Ghostwire Tokyo: Haunting Visions
  5. You should be able to enter the passcode of 74398 after reading all the documents in the office.
  6. The spectator was heard right on the wall in the hole. From here, go down the hallway to the right until you see another wall through Owada. Behind the wall in the hole and the monster will appear next to you, Owada.
  7. Defeat the monster and then talk to Misaki and Owada.
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Hopefully, that should prove an easy reference how to complete the Ghostwire Tokyo in Haunting Visions’ side mission. For even more help the game, be sure to head over to our other guides such as The Horder’s House side mission and A Doll’s Last Rites side mission.

If there are any queries that we have not answered our guides, do leave a comment below and we will answer them as soon as possible. You can also check out other relevant Ghostwire Tokyo content below.

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