Ghostwire: Tokyo Prelude is a free visual novel. Ghostwire now available on PS5 and PS4 with the help of Ghostwire

Ghostwire: Less Than One Month In Launching Tokyois, And While Bethesda Has Begun A Bit Of Time Since its release, the supernatural action-adventure title has been released, and there is still plenty to know about it. This, of course, is the reason why its story and premise are so mysterious, while some of the mystery will be cleared up soon.

Bethesda announced that the novel Ghostwire: Tokyo Prelude is now available on the PS5 and PS4. On the other hand, it’s free now, so you can read about that, if you’re a part of the game. That said, the visual novel is very odd and only available on PS4, even though it doesn’t live in the game itself. You can check out the trailer below.

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The visual novel was set six months before the game, and will focus on the protagonist of the game, a detective called Karma, who discovers the mysterious phenomenon of Tokyo.

Ghostwire: Tokyoitself is going to get ready for PS5 and PS4 on March 25. What games can you check out for PC.

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