Ghostwire Tokyo: The Mask Side Mission Guide


After you complete the Dreaming Jewel Side Mission, head back to the shopkeeper and talk to him why he still passed. He’ll say that he sold two masts, one male and one female, even after being told not to sell them. As it turns out, though, he did, and it seems to have cursed him. This starts the mission The Masks in Ghostwire Tokyoand this guide will tell you how to complete it.

The Mask Ghostwire Tokyo Side Mission Guide

The Breakdown Below is a handy step-by-step to complete the mission:

  1. Go to the green circle and talk to the original owner of the masks.
  2. Go to the green circle, talk to the female mask owner and defeat the shed in front of the visitors.
  3. Akito’s face on the open shed and the mask will jump.
  4. Head over to the male mask for Hitani Shrine, a given time limit of 4 mins.

    If you do not find the mask within the time limit, it will kill Akito.

  5. Defeat the visitors and talk to the male mask owner.
  6. Interact with the male mask and you’ll be free. From there, go back to the secondhand shop owner and they’ll let you know they can pass.
    Ghostwire Tokyo: The Mask Side Mission Guide

Hopefully, that should prove an easy reference how to complete Ghostwire Tokyo in The Masks side mission. For even more help the game, be sure to head over to our other guides such as how to get Talismans and what they do and how they handle hand seals and what they do.

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If there are any queries that we have not answered our guides, do leave a comment below and we will answer them as soon as possible. You can also check out other relevant Ghostwire Tokyo content below.

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