God of War PC Cheats: Everything You Need to Know

God of War is finally on PC and you know exactly what most players are going to search for. Yes, God of War cheats and / or mods. The reason behind using cheats can be anything – you may have lost your savings and want to get back to that level faster or you may not want to grind at all. Let’s take a look at any GoW PC cheats you can use to change your single player experience.

God of War PC Cheats

Gow Cheats Trainer PC

There are There are no official God of War cheats for PC You can use it by activating the cheat console in any game. But, trainers and cheat engines are available online that provide the benefits and boosts you are looking for. A quick Google search led to GoW cheats and tutorials on WeMod and Flingtrainer (by creator FLiNG). Here is what they have to offer.

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GoW Cheats and Trainer


  • Ignore God mode / hits
  • Unlimited health
  • Unlimited anger
  • Unlimited arrow
  • Skills Instant Cooldown
  • Protection coefficient



  • Edit hacksilver
  • Hawksilver coefficient
  • Ignore crafting / upgrading requirements



  • A hit stun
  • Loss coefficient

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How to enable & use GoW Cheats in WeMod?

First, you need to download WeMod for your Windows PC. It is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1 and 7. Then launch WeMod and you will see God of War in it. Load the game and you can start cheats on PC. Remember to read the notes and steps mentioned on the site to activate and use these GoW PC Cheats without any problems. Use them at your own discretion and keep backups of your savings.

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That’s all you need to know about God of War PC cheats and trainers. The game though Your PC is crashing And you are getting Not enough memory problem, See our guides to help you.

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