[V11.12.0] Google Maps New Update Download

The Google Maps application provides maps on the web. The application allows you to access maps on the internet using a smartphone. Over 220 countries and territories are included in the map, as well as hundreds of millions of businesses and locations.  

It also offers real-time traffic, transit, and navigation information, as well as the ability to discover local dining, bar, and entertainment destinations. Google Maps has since been updated several times to include new features and improvements. A few months ago, Google Maps installation reached the 5 billionth time, while in 2020, the service was used by more than 1 billion people every month. It is estimated that in 2021, 10 billion Android devices have been installed with the app. 


New updates to Google Maps enable users to enjoy improved performance and experience. To update it, users will have to install a 63.06MB package. It comes with firmware version 11.12.0.  

  • Google Maps – V11.11.2
  • Google Maps – V11.12.0 beta

Get the latest Google Maps 

  • Google Play Store – Link
  • ApkMirror – Link


  • Track traffic conditions and ETAs in real-time
  • Find real-time transit information for buses, trains, and ride-sharing
  • With auto rerouting according to live traffic, incidents, and road closures, you’ll save time and energy
  • Get the inside scoop on local restaurants, events, and activities
  • Discover new restaurants that are opening in your favorite areas and what’s trending
  • “Your match” gives you an idea of how likely you are to like a place, when planning a group trip. You can vote in real-time as you go through your shortlist.
  • Save your favorites and share them with other people.
  • You’ll also find recommendations from local experts, Google, and publishers.
  • Share your own experiences. Share your photos and suggestions for missing roads.
  • Navigation and search using offline maps without an internet connection
  • connection
  • connection, including streets and indoor imagery for restaurants, shops, museums, and more
  • The fastest way to navigate indoors in large places like airports, malls, and stadiums
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