Google Meet: see how you can record a meeting or video call

Google Meet is one of the Google tools that allows us to hold a virtual meeting with our work team. This service is available in a web version for laptops and PCs, and also for smartphones with an Android system.

One of the advantages that Meet has is the possibility of having a video call for 60 minutes, but the negative is that the session cannot be recorded, which prevents having a record of our meetings with the free version. So far, you can only record meetings while you have the Business or paid version.

the website developed a guide, thinking of those people who already have their paid Google Meet plan and find it difficult to record meetings and video calls through said platform.

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  • Start or join a video meeting on Google Meet
  • In the lower right corner click on Activities
  • Now press the Record button, a new window will be displayed on the screen where you must click Start recording
  • Participants in the meeting, or video call, will be notified that the video call has started to be recorded
  • When you’re done, go to Activities and in the Recording area, tap Stop
  • In the new window click on Stop recording and that’s it

Meet is part of Google Workspace, the platform of the Mountain View company that includes several services of the firm such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive, among others. Photo: Google

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If you want to access the file generated by the recording, you will have to search for it in Google Drive, but it will only be available if you have been the organizer of the call. However, you will also receive an email with a link that will take you directly to the file.


  • Enter Google Chrome and press the three points located in the upper right corner
  • Go to Settings and in the new menu, choose Autofill.
  • Click on Passwords and enter Check Passwords

Automatically, the system will check the security level of the passwords you have saved in the browser. In case of having any compromised password, it must be changed immediately.

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It is important that the option to save password is active on your PC or laptop.

This same process can be done on an Android phone, from the Google Chrome app.

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