Google wants to create a tighter and more integrated ecosystem like Apple


Google CES 2022: Apple’s ecosystem is a great place to shop because everything seems to match so well. Would you like to be able to share files between iPhone and Mac? Airdrop. Do you want your photos to automatically sync between all your devices? iCloud. Would you like to copy something from your Mac and paste it into your iPad? What happened.  

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Google’s Android platform doesn’t offer a similar experience, but they are working on bringing it to the platform. At CES 2022, Google announced its plans to bolster its product and service ecosystems.  

Among other things, Near Share, Google’s answer to AirDrop, will be available on Windows PCs, allowing Android users to share files quickly and wirelessly. Unlike Apple Watches and AirPods, Google has also announced that it will bring its Fast Pair functionality to Windows in order to make pairing devices easier.

The launch of these features is likely to benefit a large number of Android users. The real test will be how the experience works in reality, and whether it can mimic, if not surpass, what Apple already provides for its users.  

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