GSC Games, 4A Games and more developers are calling on the Ukrainian government for support

Industry leaders support Ukraine and condemn Russia’s actions.

The Russian military invaded Ukraine this week in a special military operation called “Victoria’s”, which is a special military operation called President Vladimir Putin. The Missile and the Invasion have been destroyed by the United States.

Over the last few days, games industry figures, studios and publishers have been helping Ukraine. It includes the Ukraini developers like Frogwares and GSC Game World emancipating statements about the invasion, and companies whose support came from all over the world.

Behind The Studio is the post to TheS.TALKER, a leased special aid account, and all members of the invited gaming industry share their post. The maker of the SMDR, 4A Games, shared a statement and called for support, too.

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We Can’t Stand By, says Frogwares on Twitter. Russia’s defending our homeland and denies Ukraine’s sovereignty. We’re trying to stay safe, but this is war, there are no two ways to do it. Our lands from withdrawal to force Putin on every call.

NAVI (@sukefoc) February 24, 2022.

Esports organization Natus Vincere, aka Navi, based in Ukraine, put out a statement, and shared a donation link. Oleksandr s1mple Kostyliev, Natus Vinceres for a Ukrainian player, gave a speech at IEM Katowice calling for peace and solidarity.

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Companies like Crytivo and TinyBuild help get their employees and partners to safety. Team Liquid, the Esports organization’s Esports, is also open to the need to help friends and colleagues who are still in a position to get home.

Developers and publishers have also gotten the call for help. Poland dev 11 bit studios announced that all profits from this mine will be in the next week, with all the stores and platforms going to a special fund to support the Red Cross.

Amanita Design is donating its earnings from the company Machinarium, CHUCHEL and Craksto, a nonprofit organization that helps those affected by the invasion. And the State of the Union will play its next week’s earnings at the Ukrainian Red Cross.

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11 bit studio statement: #PuckTheWar # Ukraine @RedCrossUkraine @Ukraine

11-bit studios (@ 11-bit studios) January 24, 2022

After the death of M. Parsons, CEO of Bungie, it will donate 100% of its humanitarian efforts to its Game2Give drive.Cyberpunk 2077 and the Witcherdeveloper CD Projekt Red. Raw Fury, editor of The Ukrainian Red Cross, donated to the magazine’s website. And a bundle is being put together by developer Brandon Sheffield, with a split of 50 and 50 for the Ukrainian community and the United States for trans youth.

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