GTA Mode: GTA is the most popular game all over the world due to multiplayer with role-playing. gamers always try to find new mods as they change the whole game play. Recently, a new mod is a launch by Makarus. Markarus is famous for his mod for GTA.

In this new mod, image quality is improved. The name of this mod is mage quality overhaul MOD SA_DirectX 2.0. The first version of this mod is released in August 2018. A new version is launched some days ago that is version 3.0


A_DirectX 3.0 Beta adds reflection effects (SSR), volumetric clouds, screen-space reflections, SSAO, holy light, and raindrop effects. In addition, the MOD has some light adjustments and optimizations. This is the beta version so you might found some bugs and glitches. For the final and stable version, you need to wait until Markarus make it public.

GTA Mod Download

The previous version of the mod is not removed due to many requests of users. Recently, the released mod version is also safe. so don’t worry about that.