Gundam Game Quiz Will Recommend a Suitable Title

Bandai Namco published a diagnostic quiz on the gundam Game 35th Anniversary website. The page contains six questions with multiple answers to determine the results. It will then recommend a gundam game from various genres, ranging from action to strategy.

Here are our translations of the Japanese gundam game quiz page:

  1. Enemy Mobile Suits have come to attack. What do you want to do?
    • I want to perform on the field by piloting a Mobile Suit! – Pilot type
    • I want to provide support by forming tactics! – Ship Captain/Strategist Type
  2. The Mobile Suit that you are going to pilot has arrived. What kind of Mobile Suit is it?
    • A mass-produced unit with simple controls but standard abilities
    • A customized unit with complex controls but high abilities
  3. You managed to make a massive achievement on the battlefield. What kind of quality do you have?
    • Intuitive and precise movements, like a Newtype
    • Refined judgment based on diligent training and experience, like a seasoned soldier
  4. You have been appointed as a squad captain. What kind of team do you want to make?
    • A team with an emphasis on leadership and order
    • A team comprised of excellent members who caused many problems
  5. Something suddenly rolled in front of your eyes. What is it?
    • Tem Ray-developed circuit part
    • M’Quve’s vase
    • Amuro’s Haro
  6. Which kind of superior would you like to have?
    • The Amuro Ray type, who believes in the possibility of humankind
    • The Char Aznable type, who does not reveal the true objective
    • The Orga Itsuka type, who does not mind sacrifices to reach the objective
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After answering the above questions, the quiz page will recommend a gundam game available on currently active platforms. It also includes upcoming titles among the possible results, such as SD Gundam Battle Alliance other Gundam Evolution.

Bandai Namco will release the action RPG SD Gundam Battle Alliance and the free-to-play first-person shooter Gundam Evolution for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC in 2022. SD Gundam Battle Alliance will also appear on Nintendo Switch.

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