.hack//GU Haseo AR Contest Is Being Held in Japan

the .hack//GU protagonist Haseo has appeared on an AR app, and Bandai Namco has opened a related contest in Japan. The company has inserted an AR model of Haseo into the Stylish mobile app. The application is available on iPhone 6s / Android 8.0 or better mobile devices.

To participate in the contest, one must reside in Japan and have a public Twitter account. After following the Japanese .hack series official account, they can then tweet photos or videos containing the Haseo AR model with the specified Japanese hashtag. Bandai Namco will send direct messages from the account to ask for the winners’ addresses.

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The company will close the photo submissions on March 31, 2022. Twenty winners in Japan will receive a B1-sized tapestry containing an illustration of Haseo. The top three best submitters among them will win an additional .hack//Arms miniature model of the Gate of Ouroboros sword.

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.hack//GU Haseo AR photo contest rewards

Bandai Namco has been holding contests in Japan to promote the new Nintendo Switch port of .hack//GU Last Recode. It previously held a fan creation contest where Japanese fans could submit anything from fan art or cosplay photos to handmade creations from February 2022 to early March 2022. The company announced the previous contest winners on the same day it revealed the new AR contest.

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.hack//GU Last Recode is available on PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Haseo’s AR model is available on the Stylish mobile app on Android and iOS devices. Bandai Namco has also set up a new public survey asking about the future of the .hack series.

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