Haoopa hotfix that came to Pokemon Unikat in March, is coming to Pokemon City

I signed up for the Pokemon UNITE last week and was instantly voted the most complex Pokemon in the game, with the capability to phone or speak with friends on the map or the different parts of the game. And, with a highly technical mechanic like that added to the game, TiMi Studio is working to release a hotfix to break some issues.

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Since this update has been released on March 11, this will fix many unimtended features and bugs that Hoopas have brought to the title.

Hoopas dimension rings with most of the other Pokemon interacting with each other while teleporting. This includes teleporting to an oppose ring, and movement restrictions being updated to include Hoopas and how they interact in-game.

UNITE on March 11th:

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Hoopa Hotfix

  • A Hoopa teleporting to an opponent is a ring, if either of the Hoopa and both teams use their Unite move simultaneously.
  • While the Pokemon was teleporting, the Hoopa feared that they were doing a lot of preventing a movement.
  • Whereopes are hit by certain moves transmitted to your base by Hoopa. When the Pokemon are teleported to base, their target is teleported to the ground.
  • When players are teleporting, certain moves are used simultaneously, while the opponent is teleporting.
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This hotfix has been released for a very long time but it will probably be included in the great update along with other content. This could even hint at a potential release for the next playable Pokemon, Duraladon, and the next balance patch.

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