Hedric and Alolan Sandshedo. Pokemon Go Day Marches The Communism Day

The pair are going to become friends on March 13th.

With the start of the season on Alola on March 1, the seventh generation of Pokemon will be rolling out the Pokemon Go. And with coincide with this, Niantic announced today the March Community Day will feature Sandshrew and Alolan Sandshrew.

Alolan Sandshrew is one of the few Alolan regional variants that players have yet to see in Pokemon Go, and it will appear more frequently on March 13 on its Kantonian counterpart.

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Pokemon, originally heard in Alola, will come to Pokemon GO! This week, go with Excitement for three months of events where Pokemon were never seen before in Pokemon GO. Read more at: https: //t.co.zy3gerhQfP pic.twitter.com/q2ehP8VK3B.

Pokemon Go (@PokemonGoApp) February 28, 2022.

A single-hour increased duration for the first three-hour period, such as a 3-inch-long Givri-type wolf, will appear more frequently from 11am to 5pm local time on March 13, with multiple event bonuses including 25 percent range of egg and the usual three-hour increase duration of lures and incense and other topics.

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The Ground Knows The Night Slash If You Develop A Sandshrew Or Slash Two Hours Later. Adding Alolan Sandshrew and Sandslash will help you learn Steel / Ice-types with Shadow Slash.

New Stickers called Swear and Alolan Swear will be available at PokeStops and Gifts at the event. And there are 300 Dollars and 30 Gold Balls, three Super Incubators, four Lucky Eggs, and one Elite Charged TM available every day for a new gamecase.

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To the player who wants more content, a special $ 1 special research story called Gritty and Glacial, as well as a special research story by Gritty and Glacial will be available.

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