Here Are 7 Possible Pokemon Presents Announcements We’d Love

This Sunday, February 27 is Pokemon Day, and a special Pokemon Presents broadcast was announced to celebrate the event. These events are similar to Pokemon Directs and can include information on main series games, spin-offs, mobile games, and more.

Of course, once the broadcast was announced, everyone’s minds started running wild with potential announcement ideas. We wanted to join in on the fun and make some predictions about what might actually be shown. The presentation is going to be 14 minutes long, so it is important to keep expectations in check. Here are some ideas for some things that could happen during the upcoming Pokemon Presents on Sunday.

Update on Pokemon Sleep’s Status

pokemon sleep

Remember Pokemon Sleep? Back in 2019, it was announced as a mobile game that would track the amount of time the player sleeps as part of the gameplay. Not much was shared about it, and there have been no recent updates since it was shared sometime in 2020.

Although it may have been canceled, support for Pokemon Sleep was quietly added to the data of Pokemon Go last month, suggesting that not only could the project still be done but it might also have connectivity to the popular mobile game.

Just like how Pokemon Go made walking fun and Pokemon Smile made teeth-brushing fun, Pokemon Sleep might make sleeping, well, fun. Could we get a status update on this innovative mobile title? I ‘ll let you sleep on it.

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